Quotation: Francis Bacon about trust

The greatest trust, between man and man, is the trust of giving counsel. For in other confidences, men commit the parts of life; their lands, their goods … some particular affair; but to such as they make their counselors, they commit the whole.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Discuss


9 responses to “Quotation: Francis Bacon about trust

  1. How could that not be a consideration in light of the changing rules of social engagement in our culture? Trusting another, by my observation, was, is, and always be a risky venture.


  2. You got my mind thinking and cranking early today, thank you!


    • I’m glad I did and hope you got to think about it as it may apply today, with all the changes that have occurred in our interactional values, morals and degrees of freedoms.


  3. Indeed! To trust another’s advice/counsel is to trust that they both know us and care about our lives. Good quote!


    • Yet, so much is lost to the so called trustworthy…take marriage for instance and the consequence of the abuse of the “irreconcilable differences”… But, ideally, I can see the lights (dim, flickering, in an eternal hope that the inevitable should not be afforded to occur!


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