J. S. Bach : Cantata — BWV 68 “Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt” (Karl Richter)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
“Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt”
(God so loved the world)
BWV 68
Cantata for Whit Monday [2nd Day of Pentecost]
Epistle: Acts 10: 42-48; Gospel: John 3: 16-21
Leipzig, 1725
1st performance: May 21, 1725 – Leipzig

Christiane Mariane von Ziegler (Mvts. 2-4); Salomo Liscow (Mvt. 1); John 3: 18 (Mvt. 5)
Soloists: Soprano, Bass; 4-part Chorus
Orchestra: 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 2 oboes, taille, horn, 2 violins, violoncello piccolo, viola, continuo
Mvt. 1: Chorus — Chorale (00:00)
Mvt. 2: Aria (05:31)
Mvt. 3: Recitative (09:41)
Mvt. 4: Aria (10:39)
Mvt. 5: Chorus (15:08)
Soprano: Edith Mathis
Bass: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Oboe (I/II): Manfred Clement and Robert Eliscú
Englischhorn: Andreas Scwinn
Horn: Christoph Brandt
Violin: Ingo Sinnhoffer
Violincello: Fritz Kiskalt

Münchener Bach-Chor / Münchener Bach-Orchester
Conductor – Karl Richter

May 1974; Jan 1975, at Herkules-Saal, München, Germany.


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