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Fabulous Musical Compositions/Fabulous Performances: Variations on ‘La ci darem la mano’ Mozart’s Don Giovanni Op 2 in Bb – Chopin

Variations on ‘La ci darem la mano’ Mozart‘s Don Giovanni Op 2 in Bb 
Piano: Idil Biret
The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia
The Frederic Chopin Complete Works
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Introduction 0:00
Theme 5:19 – Allegretto
Variation I 6:52 – Brillante
Variaton II 7:52 – Veloce, ma accuratamente
Variation III 8:52 – Sempre sostenuto
Variation IV 10:19 – Con bravura
Variation V 11:25 – Adagio- alla polacca


Bucharest City Tour

Masterminds.ro & Yony_Ro presents you the capital of Romania as you never seen it before! 

Video by: Masterminds.ro
Photos by: yony_ro
Music by: George Enescu 
(Romanian Rhapsody no. 1)

A High Definition video which will make you see how Bucharest really is! You will feel the real Romanian passion for art, culture and life itself!
Bring closer a glass of red wine, turn the sound volume just a bit higher than normal.. now relax and enjoy the following 10 minutes..



La serenata di Domenico Cimarosa arrangiata ed eseguita da Rino Napolitano,chitarra e voce.

Great Conductors/Great Performances: Cavalleria Rusticana-INTERMEZZO-Georges Prêtre-Chorégies d’Orange 2009

Cavalleria Rusticana” – Pietro Mascagni (* 7.12. 1863 – † 2.8.1945). INTERMEZZO. Chorégies d’Orange 4.8.2009 / France 3 LIVE / Direction musicale: Georges Prêtre. Orchestre National de France. / Merci Maestro!!!

Happy Birthday, Maestro! (*14. August 1924)


Robert Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2. Mauricio Nader, piano

From the CD “Recital” by Mauricio Nader

Quotation: Charles Dickens about character

Never … be mean in anything; never be false; never be cruel. Avoid those three vices … and I can always be hopeful of you.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: SIR FREDERICK GRANT BANTING (1891)

Sir Frederick Grant Banting (1891)

Banting was a Canadian physician who, with Scottish physiologist John Macleod, won a 1923 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the hormone insulin. Banting and his assistant Charles Best experimented on diabetic dogs, demonstrating that insulin lowered their blood sugar. Insulin was proven effective on humans within months of the first experiments with dogs. In acknowledgment of Best’s work, Banting gave him a share of his portion of the Nobel Prize. What tragic accident took Banting’s life in 1941? More… Discuss


Who Really Discovered Insulin? | Britannica Blog


Who Really Discovered Insulin? | Britannica Blog.

This Day in the Yesteryear: DAY OF THE COLOMBIAN WOMAN (1967)

Day of the Colombian Woman (1967)

Not much is definitively known about Policarpa Salavarrieta‘s early years. Even her name is subject to conjecture. What is undisputed—and secured her a place in the annals of Colombian history and, in 1967, a day commemorating her heroism—is that she sacrificed her life trying to secure Colombia’s independence; she was executed on November 14, 1817, for her activities on behalf of the revolution. Aside from the day of remembrance, what other honors has the Colombian government accorded her? More… Discuss



Sleep-Deprived Surgeons No More Error-Prone

Studies on the effects of fatigue on surgical outcomes have had mixed results, but one recent study indicates that missed sleep does not make surgeons more error-prone. The risk of complications from gallbladder removal surgery was found to be the same for patients whose surgeons had been up all night performing emergency surgery as for those whose surgeons were well rested. Complication rates were fairly low across the board. Researchers say the findings should ease the concerns of people requiring surgery. More…Discuss




In eclecticism, a concept used in many disciplines, elements from diverse styles are selected and combined into a single system. The term “eclectic” can describe artists who combine, for example, elements from the Renaissance and classical traditions in their paintings. It can also be applied to philosophers who take elements from different systems of thought without regard for possible contradictions. In this way, the term is sometimes used pejoratively. What musicians are considered eclectic?More… Discuss