Happy Thanksgiving!/Arlo Guthrie/Alice’s Restaurant *

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This one was really fun to put together with clips from the movie & Arlo performing “Alice” in the same Church 40 years later. 
“You can get anything you want at…. http://www.risingsonrecords.com.”

4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!/Arlo Guthrie/Alice’s Restaurant *

  1. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I can still sing along. Ah those good old days.


    • What good times…with all the problems, the world was a much better balanced place, as far as sharing a responsibility…At least we were trying very hard to PRETEND we were better! Now there is no need for that anymore, so we crowned with “The Absolute Best” crown! Way to go!


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