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Winding Trail Pencil Sketch – Turnbull Cyn (My Art Collection)

Winding Trail Pencil Sketch - Turnbull Cyn (My Art Collection)

Winding Trail Pencil Sketch – Turnbull Cyn. (My Art Collection)

Gluck – Orfeo ed Euridice – Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Corul Arhanghelii-dir. Dani SFART- Multi ani traiasca – La multi ani cu sanatate.wmv

J. Ph. Rameau: Les Indes galantes (1735) / Suite d’orchestre / Orchestre de la Chapelle Royale


Suite d’orchestre (1735)
[Le public aïant paru moins satisfait des scènes des INDES GALANTES, que du reste de l’Ouvrage, je n’ai pas crus devoir appeler de son Jugement; & c’est pour cette raison que je ne lui présente ici que les Symphonies entremêlées des Airs chantants (…) tant du prologue, que des trois premières entrées (…) dont j’ai formé quatre grands Concerts en différens Tons…, Jean-Philippe Rameau]

source: Bibl. Nat. Vm2 327

I. Ouverture – 0:04
II. Entrée des Quatre-Nations – 3:00
III. Air Polonois – 4:37
IV. Menuets – 6:31
V. Air pour les Guerriers portans les drapeaux – 8:19
VI. Air pour les Amants qui suivent Bellone et pour les Amantes qui tâchent de les retenir – 9:40
VII. Gavotte – 10:57
VIII. Air pour les Amours – 11:38
IX. Air pour les Esclaves Africaines – 12:43
X. Rigaudon en Rondeau – 14:26
XI. Tambourins – 15:43
XII. Air des Sauvages – 17:09
XIII. Contredanses – 19:08
XIV. Ritournelle des Fleurs – 21:01
XV. Loure en Rondeau – 22:21
XVI. Gavotte – 24:00
XVII. Orage – Air pour Borée et la Rose – 26:33
XVIII. Air pour Zéphire – 28:19
XIX. Marche des Persans – 30:35
XX. Gavotte – 31:51
XXI. Air tendre pour la Rose – 32:46
XXII. Air grave pour les Incas du Pérou – 34:27
XXIII. Adoration du Soleil – 36:08
XXIV. Chaconne – 37:37

François Fernandez, Robert Crisafulli, Marc Destrube, Myriam Gevers, Sophie Gevers-Demoures, Florence Malgoire, Nicolette Moonen, Chantal Remillard, Jeanine Rubinlicht, Michael Sand, Marinette Troost, Antoinette von den Hombergh, Anne-Monique Vos, Richard Walz (violin)
Christine Angot, Ruth Hesseling, Galina Sinclair, Staas Swierstra (viola)
Claire Giardelli, Harm Jan Schwitters, David Simpson, Ageet Zweistra (violoncello)
Jonathan Cable, Nicholas Pap (double bass)
Robert Claire, Philippe Suzanne (flute)
Ku Ebbinge, Michel Henry, Claire Michèle, Marcel Ponseele (oboe)
Marc Vallon, Claude Wassmer (bassoon)
Jean-Guillaume Cattin (timpani)
Laure Morabito, Aline Zylberajch (harpsichord)
Jean-Pierre Canihac, Jonathan Impett (natural trumpet)
Jean-Christophe Maillard, Michael Muskett (musette)

Orchestre de la Chapelle Royale / Philippe Herreweghe (conductor)

1984 – ADD


G. Tartini: Concerto Grosso No.5 in E minor [Ensemble 415]

Giuseppe Tartini

Concerto Grosso No.5 in E minor [transcription of the Sonata Op.1 No.5 by Giulio Meneghini]:
1. Largo 0:01
2. Allegro-Adagio 2:45
3. Allegro Assai 7:00

Ensemble 415
Chiara Banchini [violin, conductor]

Comenius Choir Leszno Poland – Nicolaus Zielenski – Viderunt omnes fines terrae

Comenius Choir Leszno Poland 
Nicolaus Zielenski – Viderunt omnes fines terrae 

Franz Schubert: “Der 23. Psalm” Bonney, Poschner, Hintermeier, Schaechter

Franz Schubert: “Der 23. Psalm” Bonney, Poschner, Hintermeier, Schaechter

Der 23. Psalm As-dur D 706 op. post. 132 für vierstimmigen Frauenchor und Orchester / Psalm 23 in A flat major, for 4-part women’s chorus and orchestra Psaume 23 en la bémol majeur, pour chœur de femmes à 4 voix et orchestre Salmo 23 in la bemolle maggiore, per coro femminile a 4 voci e orchestra 


Barbara Bonney, Brigitte Poschner, sopranos.
Dalia Schaechter, Margareta Hintermeier, contraltos

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Conducted by Claudio Abbado

Aine Suzuki: Sergei Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet

Sergei Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet
viola and piano
Aine Suzuki viola
Maria Zisi piano
I – Introduction
II – The Street Awakens
III – Julia the Young Girl
V – Dance of the Knights
Auditorio Sony, Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia

Fabulous Composers/Compositions: Orchestra – Ennio Morricone conducts – The Mission (Gabriels Oboe).

Orchestra – Ennio Morricone conducts – The Mission (Gabriels Oboe).

Quotation: Charles Dickens

Throughout life, our worst weaknesses and meannesses are usually committed for the sake of the people whom we most despise.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: ALEXANDRA OF DENMARK (1844)

Alexandra of Denmark (1844)

Though she was of royal blood, Princess Alexandra had a relatively normal upbringing. It was not until after she wed Prince Albert Edward of Wales in 1863 that her father, Christian IX, was crowned king of Denmark, and she did not ascend to the station of queen consort until many years after that. As queen, she devoted herself to charitable works and was beloved by the British public. She was held in such high regard, in fact, that society women adopted what physical impediment of hers?More… Discuss



The Spanish Civil War

From 1936 to 1939, the Spanish Civil War raged as General Francisco Franco‘s Nationalists overthrew the republican government. Franco’s forces were aided by Germany and Italy, who used Spain as a test site for blitzkrieg warfare on the eve of World War II. Fierce and bloody skirmishes characterized the war of attrition, which claimed 500,000 lives. The war’s end brought a period of dictatorship that lasted until the mid-1970s. Deemed the first “media war,” it was covered by which famous authors? More…Discuss



Northern Darwin’s Frog Not the Fittest

During his 19th-century around-the-world voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, famed British naturalist Charles Darwinmade numerous discoveries that helped him formulate his theories of evolution. One of the creatures he discovered during this voyage, the Darwin’s frog, escapes predators by camouflaging itself as a dead leaf. However, this evolutionary advantage was not enough to save it. Researchers suspect that a fungal disease called chytridiomycosis wiped out the northern Darwin’s frog species completely and is also killing off large numbers of the southern species. This could be one of only a few known examples of extinction by infection. More… Discuss



The Taman Shud Case: Mystery Man Found Dead on Somerton Beach (1948)

On the night of November 30, 1948, passersby on Australia’s Somerton Beach saw a man they believed to be drunk or sleeping. The next day, the mystery man was determined to be dead, which opened the still unsolved Taman Shud Case. The dead man has never been identified. Though investigators promptly searched the body and found normal things like chewing gum in the mystery man’s pocket, something strange was later found, taking the case in a new—but equally elusive—direction. What was it? More… Discuss