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Toaca la Manastirea Sambta de Sus Deplasare 16 17 februarie 2013 Slanic Prahova Sambata de Sus I

Colindele Doamne – Colinda din Ardeal

O prelucrare superba a unei vechi colinde din bazinul folcloric Salaj 
A wonderful folkloric-inspired Romanian Christmas carol from Transylvania, Salaj area



Anna Netrebko – O mio babbino caro

For more beautiful videos, visithttp://www.youtube.com/user/PhilipCar…

The Berlin Concert – Live from the Waldbuhne (2006) 
Performers: Anna Netrebko, Plácido Domingo, Rolando Villazón

Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Conductor: Marco Armiliato

Celtic Music – Legend

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This is a Song that I composed based on the Atmosphere and the Feeling of the Game Skyrim. I’m aware that the Picture is related to Scandinavian Culture while the Music is Celtic. They are different Cultures, the Reason why I chose the Picture is simply because it fits the Energy of the Music, and in my Opinion that’s what matters in the End. That Picture and Music have the same Feeling.
As always, 100% selfcomposed on Keyboard. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16.

The Picture is an Artwork of the Game Skyrim. Of course all Credits to the Picture go to Bethesda and TES, but that is quite obvious.^^

© Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.


Guillaume de Machaut – Complainte: Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure (Le Remède de Fortune)

Guillaume de Machaut (1300 – 1377), Medieval French poet and composer
Interpretation done by the Ensemble Project Ars Nova.

English translation of the poem be here:

Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure
Et tels cuide qu’Amours labeure
Pour son bien, qu’elle li court seure
Et ma l’atourne;
Et tels cuide que joie aqueure
Pour li aidier, qu’elle demeure.
Car Fortune tout ce deveure,
Quant elle tourne,
Qui n’atent mie qu’il adjourne
Pour tourner; qu’elle ne sejourne,
Eins tourne, retourne et bestourne,
Tant qu’au desseur
Mest celui qui gist mas en l’ourne;
Le sormonté au bas retourne,
Et le plus joieus mat et mourne
Fait en po d’eure.

Car elle n’est ferme n’estable,
Juste, loyal, ne veritable;
Quant on la cuide charitable,
Elle est avere,
Dure, diverse, espouentable,
Traitre, poignant, decevable;
Et quant on la cuide amiable,
Lors est amere.
Car ja soit ce qu’amie appere,
Douce com miel, vraie com mere,
La pointure d’une vipere
Qu’est incurable
En riens a li ne se compere,
Car elle traïroit son pere
Et mettroit d’onneur en misere

Fortune est par dessus les drois;
Ses estatus fait et ses lois
Seur empereurs, papes et rois,
Que nuls debat
N’i porroit mettre de ces trois
Tant fus fiers, orguilleus ou rois,
Car Fortune tous leurs desrois
Freint et abat.
Bien est voirs qu’elle se debat
Pour eaus avancier, et combat,
Et leur preste honneur et estat
Ne sai quens mois.
Mais partout ou elle s’embat,
De ses gieus telement s’esbat
Qu’en veinquant dit: “Eschac et mat”
De fiere vois.

Einsi m’a fait, ce m’est avis,
Fortune que ci vous devis.
Car je soloie estre assevis
De toute joie,
Or m’a d’un seul tour si bas mis
Qu’en grief plour est mué mon ris,
Et que tous li biens est remis
Qu’avoir soloie.
Car la bele ou mes cuers s’ottroie,
Que tant aim que plus ne porroie,
Maintenant vëoir n’oseroie
En mi le vis.
Et se desir tant que la voie
Que mes dolens cuers s’en desvoie,
Pour ce ne say que faire doie,
Tant sui despris.


Schubert – Mass No. 6 in E flat major – Bertrand de Billy

Full Schubert Mass No. 6 in E flat major herehttp://www.medici.tv/#!/bertrand-de-b…

Franz Schubert
Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D. 950
Et incarnatus est

Malin Byström soprano 
Werner Güra tenor 
Maximilian Schmitt tenor 

Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris 
Orchestre de Paris 
Bertrand de Billy conductor 

Schubert’s Schubert Mass No. 6 recorded on Nov 28, 2013 at the Salle Pleyel (Paris, France), broadcast live on medici.tv and available in free replay until May 28, 2014 on http://www.medici.tv.

© LGMT Télévisions – Orchestre de Paris – 2013

medici.tv #1 in classical music


Musical Roots: Guillaume de Machaut: La Messe de Nostre Dame – Agnus Dei

Guillaume de Machaut, a leading French composer and poet of the 14th century, was born in Rheims, were he spent the greater part of his life, after earlier employment in the service of John of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia. He was employed subsequently by various members of the nobility, including the future Charles V of France. He held various church benefices and as a musician was pre-eminent in the period in the history of music known as the Ars nova, when composers created music of increased rhythmic complexity.
Machaut was a prolific composer of secular vocal music, in the contemporary metrical and musical forms of lais, virelais, ballades and rondeaux.


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Man of Glass

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Man of Glass full documentary herehttp://www.medici.tv/#!/pyotr-ilyich-…

Documentary Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Man of Glass
Around the Serenade for Strings in C Major Opus 48

Pyotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky composer
I Musici de Montréal 
Yuli Turovsky conductor 

Documentary produced in 2000 and available in the http://www.medici.tv’s catalogue available on subscription. 


Khatia Buniatishvili – Chopin – Prelude No. 4 in E Minor

Chopin Prelude No. 4, full programme herehttp://www.medici.tv/#/khatia-buniati…

Frederic Chopin 
24 Preludes, Op. 28
No. 4 in E minor

Khatia Buniatishvili piano 

Recorded at Verbier Church, Verbier, Switzerland and Salle des Combins, Verbier, Switzerland – Verbier Festival 2011 

© Idéale Audience — Museec 

Available on http://www.medici.tv, #1 in classical music


Visit RAD

Visit RAD (Click to access RAD)

The project proposes an organic approach to the implementation of a uniquely synthetic landscape system as a new means o remediation for irreversibly degraded land areas.

The thing, poetic thought by George-b

The thing, poetic thought by George-b

Can’t ever encompass all there is
some obscure meaningless “thing”
avoids the net and stands outside it,
free, brilliantly contemptuous – at the same time –
colorfully mimicking the fanned tail of the peacock…
standing outside the bounds of the net…


Quotation: Nathaniel Hawthorne about appartenance of literary fame and aim

It is a good lesson—though it may often be a hard one—for a man who has dreamed of literary fame … to step aside out of the narrow circle in which his claims are recognized, and to find how utterly devoid of all significance, beyond that circle, is all that he achieves, and all he aims at.

 (1804-1864) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: LUDWIG LAZARUS “L. L.” ZAMENHOF (1859)

Ludwig Lazarus “L. L.” Zamenhof (1859)

Born and raised in Bialystok, a city on the PolishRussian border populated by Poles, Germans, and Belarusians, Zamenhof was profoundly affected by the ethnic conflict he witnessed all around him. In his estimation, the primary cause of such conflict was mutual misunderstanding. Thus, he reasoned, removing communication barriers would foster peace. To this end, the young doctor and linguist devoted himself to developing an international language called “Esperanto,” which means what?More… Discuss



Billionaire’s Grandson Found Alive—But Maimed—after Kidnapping (1973)

In 1973, 16-year-old John Paul Getty III—grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty—was kidnapped in Rome. His family initially dismissed a $17-million ransom demand as a joke by the rebellious teen, but a second note convinced his father to ask J. Paul to pay it. He refused. The frustrated kidnappers then cut off John’s ear and sent it along with a note saying he would “arrive in little pieces” if their demands were not met. At this, the elder Getty relented, paying over $2 million on what condition? More… Discuss


PROLONGED VIEWING OF DISASTER COVERAGE MIGHT CAUSE PTSD [how mass media induces mass PTSD-we all know why]

Prolonged Viewing of Disaster Coverage Might Cause PTSD

Prolonged exposure to media coverage about a traumatic event could be harmful to one’s mental health. People who spent more than six hours a day viewing or reading items related to the Boston Marathon bombings in the week after the attacks showed signs of acute stress. Such people were in fact more likely to experience acute stress than those who were actually present at the bombings or who knew someone who had been there. Acute stress is a condition characterized by a cluster of dissociative and anxiety symptoms that develop following exposure to an extremely traumatic event. If these symptoms persist for long enough, sufferers may be diagnosed withposttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More… Discuss



Definition: (adjective) Free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms.
Synonyms: sterile
Usage: The use of aseptic instruments in the operating room has significantly reduced the incidence of postsurgical infections.Discuss.