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Madeline is a children’s book series created by Austrian author and illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans. The first book in the series, just called Madeline, was published in 1939, and was followed by several sequels. The books chronicle spunky, red-haired Madeline’s daily adventures at a Parisian boarding school—including taking in a dog and having her appendix removed—while her teacher Miss Clavel tries to keep her in line. What are Madeline’s famous opening lines? More… Discuss


Corul National de Camera MADRIGAL Concert traditional de colinde “Rasaritul Cel de Sus” 2013


Piranha Attack in Argentina Leaves 70 people injured

Buenos Aires, Argentina: An attack by a school of carnivorous fish has injured 70 people bathing in an Argentine river, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes.

Director of lifeguards Federico Cornier said Thursday that thousands of bathers were cooling off from 38 degree temperatures in the Parana River in Rosario on Wednesday when bathers suddenly began complaining of bite marks on their hands and feet. He blamed the attack on palometas, “a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite.”

Those injured in the frenzy by the sharp-teethed fish included a girl who lost part of a finger, Health Undersecretary Gabriela Quintanilla told reporters on Thursday.

Read more: http://www.cosmostv.org/2013/12/70-hurt-in-piranha-attack-in-parana.html#ixzz2oesV6ovF



70 hurt in piranha attack in Parana River Argentina,Video ~ COSMOS TV LATEST NEWS

A man is treated after he was bit by a palometa, a type of piranha, while wading in the Parana River in Rosario, Argentina.70 hurt in piranha attack in Parana River Argentina,Video ~ COSMOS TV LATEST NEWS.

Great Performances: Chopin – Valentina Igoshina – Fantasie Impromptu

This is Valentina Igoshina playing Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Op. 66. Apologies for the shoddy editing! Check out my channel for information about Valentina and her music

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Valentina Igoshina

Valentina Igoshina in March 2010 at Rickman Auditorium in Arnold, Missouri
Background information
Born November 4, 1978 (age 35)
Origin Russia
Genres classical
Occupations classical pianist
Instruments piano
Labels Warner Classics International
Website www.valentina-igoshina.com

Valentina Igoshina (b. 4 November 1978 BryanskBryansk OblastRussia) is a Russian classical pianist.

Valentina Igoshina began studying piano with her mother,[1] and first took lessons at home at the age of four. At the age of twelve she began attending the Moscow Central School of Music and became a student of Sergei Dorensky and Larissa Dedova at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.[2]

Igoshina has also served as a teacher of piano at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Between recitals and concerts, she currently divides her time between Moscow and Paris.[3] Her home in France is near Giverny in Haute-Normandie.




C. Saint – Saens Morceau de concert op. 94 | Peter Müseler, Horn

Conducted by Juri Lebedev | Summer Concert 2007 at Belvedere School of Music Weimar/Germany | Musikgymnasium Schloß Belvedere


Domenico Cimarosa overture “Cleopatra”

Duo Kontarsky @ BIZET Jeux d’enfants Op.22 – 1982

Georges BIZET: Jeux d’enfants Op.22, 12 pieces for piano 4 hands -complete-
0:05 / 1. L’Escarpolette (Reverie. Andantino) [2’52”]
2:57 / 2. La Toupie (Impromptu. Allegro vivo) [0’57”]
3:53 / 3. La Poupée (Berceuse. Andantino semplice) [2’49”]
6:42 / 4. Les Chevaux de Bois (Scherzo. Allegro vivo) [1’18”]
8:01 / 5. Le Volant (Fantaisie. Andantino molto) [1’14”]
9:15 / 6. Trompette et Tambour (Marche. Allegretto) [2’07”]
11:22 / 7. Les Bulles de Savon (Rondino. Allegretto) [1’22”]
12:44 / 8. Les Quatre Coins (Esquisse. Allegro vivo) [2’07”]
14:52 / 9. Colin-Maillard (Nocturno. Andante non troppo) [1’58”]
16:50 / 10. Saute-Mouton (Caprice. Allegro molto) [1’21”]
18:10 / 11. Petit Mari, petite Femme! (Duo. Andantino) [3’00”]
21:10 / 12. Le Bal (Galop. Presto) [1’39”]
Alfons & Aloys Kontarsky, piano (rec. 1982 – vinyl (p)1983 DGG)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bizet orchestrated five of these (Nos. 6, 3, 2, 11, 12) as the Petite Suite. The remaining movements were later orchestrated by Roy Douglas andHershy Kay and the complete orchestral suite has been recorded.[1]

Sigfrid Karg-Elert wrote his orchestral suite after Bizet’s Jeux d’enfants, Op. 21, in 1902.[2]

In 1955, George Balanchine choreographed the entire suite as the ballet Jeux d’enfants. In 1975 he made a new ballet, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, using only four of the movements.


Fabulous Composers/Compositions: Beethoven’s Symphony No 8 in F major – BBC Proms 2012 (Daniel Barenboim)

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, under the baton of Daniel Barenboim continues its Beethoven cycle with the compact Eighth in F major.
At the BBC PROMS – 2012 – Royal Albert Hall – LONDON


Photos: Art of Collection

Photo of a piranha specimens at Harvard University.Photos: Art of Collection.

Photographer Rosamond Purcell: Collection Obsession Yields Strange, Fascinating Photos

Crowded with bones and artifacts, the back rooms of natural history collections have become places of fascination for photographer Rosamond Purcell. Each of her remarkable images starts with a specimen “ready to have its picture taken.”

See a gallery of Purcell’s photographs:


National Geographic: What “Lady Liberty” and Ellis Island Mean Today

Ellis Island, the U.S. gateway to immigration from distant lands, recently reopened to visitors, following significant damage from Hurricane Sandy. A visit there today, and to the nearby Statue of Liberty, can be emotional, even for those born in the U.S.


National Geographic: Speeding Out of Control

How would you stop your car if your gas pedal got stuck? DO OR DIE PREMIERES THU JAN 2 at 10P.


National Geographic: Sticky Octopus

A scuba diver is caught in the death grip of a Giant Pacific Octopus. DO OR DIE PREMIERES THU JAN 2 at 10P.

Sharpening the Government’s Blurry Maps – ProPublica


Sharpening the Government’s Blurry Maps – ProPublica.

BBC News – In pictures: Christmas around the world

Pope Francis waves from the balcony overlooking St Peter's Square at the Vatican  on 25 December, 2013BBC News – In pictures: Christmas around the world.

BBC News – In pictures: Kashmiri saffron

Kashmiri Muslim villagers pick saffron flowers from a field in PamporeBBC News – In pictures: Kashmiri saffron.

If not the NSA, who should store the phone data? – The Washington Post

If not the NSA, who should store the phone data? – The Washington Post.

Pope denounces violence against modern-day Christian martyrs – CSMonitor.com

Pope denounces violence against modern-day Christian martyrs – CSMonitor.com.

In a Car-Culture Clash, It’s the Los Angeles Police vs. Pedestrians – NYTimes.com

In a Car-Culture Clash, It’s the Los Angeles Police vs. Pedestrians – NYTimes.com.

The best examples of street art in 2012 (48 pictures) | memolition

The best examples of street art in 2012 (48 pictures) | memolition.

Q&A: How can I keep my photos private on Facebook?

Q&A: How can I keep my photos private on Facebook?.

U.S. Sailors Sue Japanese Company Over Radiation Injuries Following The Fukushima Disaster


260px-Fukushima_I_by_Digital_Globe220px-ChopperDecon2011There is a little reported story about U.S. service members who have developed cancer and other illnesses after serving in the rescue efforts following the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In an account that could have easily been written for the nuclear tests in the 1950s, service members have said that the Navy told them that there was no harm from radiation so long as they avoided the plume rising from the plant.

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