Published on Aug 15, 2013

Les filles de Cadix, for solo voice, 1874 by Clément Philibert Léo Delibes. Sung by Romanian soprano VALENTINA NAFORNITA; born in Moldova . Nafornita was heralded as the winner of the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition, and as you will see if you have not already heard her sing, she does so with outstanding purity and tonal quality. This girl has a most promising future!

Les filles de cadix Leo Delibes

Nous venions de voir le taurreau,
Trois garçon, trois fillettes,
Sur la pelouse il faisait beau
Et nous dansions un boléro
Au son des castagnettes.
‘Dites-moi, ce matin,
Si j’ai bonne mine,
Vous me trouvez la taille fine?…
Les filles de Cadix aiment assez cela!’

Et nous dansions un boléro,
Un soir c’était dimanche
Vers nous s’en vint un hidalgo,
Cousu d’or, la plume au chapeau,
Et le poing sur la hanche:
‘Si tu veux,
Cet or est à toi.
Beau sire,
Passez votre chemin, beau sire…
Les filles de Cadix n’entendent pas cela!
Ah! ah!’

Et nous dansions un boléro,
Au pied de la colline,
Sur le chemin passait Diègo,
Qui pour tout bien n’a qu’un manteau
Et qu’une mandoline:
‘La belle aux doux yeux,
Je suis jaloux,
Jaloux, jaloux,
Jaloux! jaloux! quelle sottise!
Les filles de Cadix craignent ce défaut-là!’

The girls from Cadiz

We had just seen the bull,
Three boys, three girls,
On the lawn it was sunny
And we were dancing a bolero
At the sound of the castanets.
‘Tell me, this morning,
If I look well,
Do you think my waist is slim?…
The girls of Cadiz tend to love that!’

And we were dancing a bolero,
One Sunday evening
A hidalgo came to us,
Dressed in gold, with a feather on his hat,
And his fist on his hip:
‘If you want,
This gold is yours.
Fair sir,
Go your way, fair sir…
The girls of Cadiz don’t understand that!
Ah! ah!’

And we were dancing a bolero,
Down the hill,
On the way went Diego,
Who counts just a coat for his possessions
And a mandolin:
‘The fair soft-eyed lady,
I am jealous,
Jealous, jealous,
Jealous! jealous! what a folly!
The girls of Cadiz fear this flaw!’

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Link to the source:


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