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In genunchi pentru Basarabia si Bucovina. Fotografii de Willy Pragher din 22 iunie 1941 | Basarabia-Bucovina.Info

In genunchi pentru Basarabia si Bucovina. Fotografii de Willy Pragher din 22 iunie 1941 | Basarabia-Bucovina.Info.

La Blouse Roumaine

<img style=”font-size:14px;line-height:1.7;” alt=”Photo: Nu trebuie sa fim dezamagiti, uimiti sau indignati daca vedem semnele noastre folosite si de alte popoare; nu e ca si cum ele devin, brusc, mai putin romanesti. Nu sunt exclusiv romanesti!
Literele alfabetului le foloseste toata lumea. Inainte de litere, au fost semnele. Mult inainte de daci, de greci, de romani, de toata istoria omenirii care a fost scrisa. Mare parte din povestea omenirii a fost desenata. A, e altceva ca noi n-o mai putem descifra acum si e problema noastra ca vedem semnele dar nu le mai intelegem. E o problema care se poate rezolva.

In 1910, la Viena, expozitia internationala de textile ii lasa fara explicatii pe specialistii care se uita, perplex, la motivele identice folosite in Turcia, Bucovina si tarile Scandinave. Ei nu inteleg cum e posibil !!! pentru ca; dupa ei, aceste populatii n-au fost niciodata in contact; femeile care au lucrat acele textile nu si-au parasit satul niciodata, nici stramosii lor.
Daca acei specialisti ar fi putut vedea hartile intocmite pe baza studiilor de azi, probe ADN, care urmaresc stramosii pe linie materna si paterna, pe tot traseul lor !
O astfel de harta am folosit pentru a suprapune pe ea "traseul semnelor". Se leaga. Oamenii au lasat in urma lor semne, asa cum Hansel si Gretel au lasat firmituri de turta dulce.

Ca sa nu ne copleseasca tonele de informatii, simplificat:
Nu poti practica agricultura decat daca stai pe loc (populatie sedentara). Cand cultivi pamantul, e vitala fertilitatea solului, prezenta apei, soarele, anotimpurile. Vei folosi semnele mai mult cusute, pe panza, caci ai la indemana culturi de in si canepa, viermi de matase, etc.
Daca esti dintr-un neam de pastori, esti mereu pe drum. N-ai in si canepa, dar ai lana. Din lana trebuie sa faci si haine si covoare si cort, pentru ca n-ai o casa cu pereti. Vei folosi semnele mai mult tesute, semne care sunt importante pentru nomazi: steluta nordului (calauza), coarnele berbecului, carligul ciobanului, coltii lupului, cumpana.
Pe-aici au trait mereu si agricultori si pastori; e o tara mare, relief variat. Au stabilit relatii, au avut nevoie unii de altii; si-au imprumutat semnele si le-au folosit in atatea combinatii, incat varietatea modelelor de la noi este coplesitoare, ametitoare, fara sfarsit. Pentru ca noi le avem pe toate.

Legende sunt multe si multe se verifica. Cel mai ‘romanesc’ semn, este, probabil, coloana. Nu o alaturare de romburi – ci coloana. Este si cel mai vechi semn (descoperit pana acum) pe teritoriul nostru: vechimea cca 10.500 ien – descoperit pe o piatra, intr-o grota, in Mehedinti.

Nu semnele in sine sunt ale noastre; ci felul unic, in care le-am COMBINAT si le-am PASTRAT!
Si asta voi incerca sa explic pe scurt data viitoare: cum ne recunoastem printre vecini.” src=”https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/t1.0-9/s851x315/69609_618254134867494_103239125_n.jpg&#8221; />La Blouse Roumaine.


Regina Spektor – “Samson” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Regina SpektorSamson” Directed by Peter Sluszka


You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed
And history books forgot about us and the bible didn’t mention us
And the bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads
But they’re just old light, they’re just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed
Oh I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And he told me that I’d done alright
And kissed me ’til the mornin’ light, the mornin’ light
And he kissed me ’til the mornin’ light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonderbread and went right back to bed
Oh, we couldn’t bring the columns down
Yeah we couldn’t destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us
And the bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

Regina’s new album ‘What We Saw from the Cheap Seats‘ is available now:

For more Regina:


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Alison Krauss: Can’t find my way home

Song Name: Can’t Find My Way Home
Artist Name: Alison Krauss
Album: Crossing Jordan Soundtrackhttp://www.amazon.com/Crossing-Jordan…
Songwriter(s): Steve Winwood 
Release Date: January 21, 2003
Label: DMZ
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Crossing Jordan Theme

Crossing Jordan Themes” by Wendy & Lisa. This Video is a fan project only. Please mind, that the Copyright of Music and Film scenes belong to Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman and the NBC Universal, inc.


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Johnny Cash – I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone (Johnny Cash Hymns From The Heart 1962)

Johnny Cash Hymns From The Heart 1962

I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone Lyrics

Johnny Cash

When I come to the river at the ending of day
When the last winds of sorrow have blown
There’ll be somebody waiting to show me the way I won’t have to cross Jordan alone
I won’t have to cross Jordan alone Jesus died all my sins to atone
In the darkness I see he’ll be waiting for me I won’t have to cross Jordan alone
[ piano ]
Often times I’m weary and troubled and sad
When it seems that my friends have all flon
There is one thought that cheers me and makes my heart glad
I won’t have to cross Jordan alone
I won’t have to cross Jordan…
[ guitar ]
Though the billows of trouble and sorrow may sweep
Christ the Saviour will care for his own
Till the end of my journey my soul he will keep and I won’t have to cross Jordan alone
I won’t have to cross Jordan…
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Discovery Channel: ANIMALS Sea Anemone Is Both Animal and Plant

Discovery Channel: Sea anemones_Animal and plant both (now one click away)

Adi Bojtor – Aniversari: – 1906 – 18 martie Inventatorul român…

Adi Bojtor – Aniversari: – 1906 – 18 martie Inventatorul român….

Make Music Part of Your Life Series: Sergei Prokofiev – Cinderella – Duet of the Prince and Cinderella

Sergei Prokofiev – Cinderella – Duet of the Prince and Cinderella Op. 87 

Direction: Vladimir Ashkenazy
The Cleveland Orchestra


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Great Compositions/Performances: JOHN FIELD: Piano Concerto no. 2 – Paolo Restani, piano

I Allegro moderato
II Poco adagio
III Moderato innocente
Paolo Restani, piano
Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice
Marco Guidarini, conductor


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March 18 Saint of the Day

March 18: “Make your fold with the sheep; flee from the wolves: …Read More



QUOTATION: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Human life consists in mutual service.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) Discuss


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Sheelah’s Day

Even the Irish aren’t exactly sure who Sheelah was. Some say she was St. Patrick‘s wife; some say his mother. But one thing that they all seem to agree on is how this day should be celebrated: by drinking whiskey. The shamrock worn on St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be worn on the following day as well, until it is “drowned” in the last glass of the evening. If someone should drop his shamrock into his glass and drink it before the “drowning ceremony” takes place, he has no choice but to get a fresh shamrock and another glass. More… Discuss


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Frederik Willem de Klerk (1936)

The last state president of South Africa, de Klerk served from 1989 to 1994. He is best known for engineering the end of apartheid, South Africa’s racial segregation policy, and beginning the process of drafting of a new constitution for the country based on the principle of “one person, one vote.” As president, de Klerk moved quickly to free political prisoners, and, in 1991, he obtained the repeal of all remaining apartheid laws. With whom did de Klerk share the 1993 Nobel Peace PrizeMore…Discuss


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Lon Nol Ousts Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia (1970)

Nol became defense minister and army chief of staff in Norodom Sihanouk’s Cambodian government in 1955 and later served as premier under him. In 1970, he led the coup that deposed Sihanouk and assumed control of the government. His unsuccessful attempts at suppressing the Communist Khmer Rouge guerillas plunged the country into civil war, and he fled the country in 1975 with the Communist takeover imminent. What prompted Nol to resort to the use of “magic sand” as a military defenseMore… Discuss


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Controversial Crimea Referendum Draws Sanctions

Despite opposition from Kiev and the West, Crimeamoved forward with a referendum in which voters overwhelmingly backed seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia. Given the buildup of Russian troops in the region and the hurried nature of the referendum, many question the legitimacy of the vote. Nevertheless, Crimean officials—whose authority is also contested—lost little time in formally applying to join Russia. The US and EU responses were swift, though not as far-reaching as some had hoped; sanctions were imposed on a number of individuals in Russia and Crimea who pushed for or helped carry out the referendum. More… Discuss


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The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew is one of William Shakespeare’s earlier comedies. Its main plot involves the marriage of the violently tempered Katherina to Petruchio, who claims he can tame her wild ways and make her an obedient bride. Though modern scholars bristle at the play’s misogynistic tones, it has inspired films, a Broadway musical, and a Brazilian soap opera. The Taming of the Shrew even sparked a pseudo-sequel by John Fletcher in Shakespeare’s lifetime. What was it called? More… Discuss


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