Great Compositions/Performances: Agustín Barrios Mangoré – Confesión


Agustín Barrios Mangoré – Confesión

Barrios himself plays a version of this composition, from the boxset “Agustin Barrios: The Complete Guitar Recordings, 1913-1942.” The elegant main theme of the piece suggested to me the human form somehow, and I decided to represent it and accompany it with various nudes, culled from both photography and painting, both men and women. Obviously this will be a bit NSFW.

The images are:
1) Sheila Metzner
2) Otto Greiner, “Nude Actor with a Mask,” 1896.
3) Bill Brandt, “Reclining Nude,” 1957.
4) Konstantin Somov, “The Lovers”
5) Wayne R. Lazorik
6) Jeffrey Catherine Jones
7) Unknown, Ballet Dancers
8) Unknown, the work of Studio P.C. around 1920

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