TODAY’S HOLIDAY: Carabao Festival

Carabao Festival

The Carabao Festival is a feast in honor of San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the Farmer), the patron saint of Filipino farmers, held in Pulilan, Bulacan province, the Philippines. The feast also honors the carabao, or water buffalo, the universal beast of burden of the Philippines. Farmers decorate their carabao with flowers to parade with the image of San Isidro. The festival is also marked by exploding firecrackers and the performance of the Bamboo Dance, where dancers represent the tinikling bird, a menace to the rice crop. More… Discuss

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2 responses to “TODAY’S HOLIDAY: Carabao Festival

  1. The carabao is an amazing animal. The farmers I worked with in Peace Corps managed to put together the money to buy a young carabao and taught it to plow. They named him “Bungkag” (The Buster) because he really could bust up the soil as he plowed.


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