news: Measles Virus Used to Wipe Out Cancer (multiple myeloma)

Measles Virus Used to Wipe Out Cancer

Researchers are cautiously optimistic about an experimental cancer treatment that uses a modified measles virus to target and kill cancerous cells. Two out of six multiple myeloma patients who were treated with extremely high doses of the engineered viruses responded to the treatment, with one appearing to enter into complete remission. These two patients were found to have few or no circulating measles antibodies, important because this affords the virus a chance to attack the cancer cells before the patient’s immune system begins fighting off the virus. More… Discuss

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4 responses to “news: Measles Virus Used to Wipe Out Cancer (multiple myeloma)

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  2. Amen, so far, very successful in research trials


    • Yet the best approach, the self vacillation, with a rate of success of 90% after 3 years complete remission will probably not become a viable treatment for years! And beside auto vaccine, just a vaccine for monoclonal should help multiple myeloma victims…
      As long as people get into marrow transplant, without having any idea of the outcome… no other (sure) treatments will be allowed by the power to be and their politrucs!


  3. This is proof there is a God the miracle miracles has happen still it’s wonderful. This cancer attacks the bone marrow by stopping normal blood cells from growing. It’s rapid and it’s painful and before there was no cure, only treatment of chemo, stem cell transplant, blood transfusion and nutrition. It’s a Miracle. Thank you fie Sharing.


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