Beethoven “Tempest” Sonata Op 31 #2. Lisitsa Canon Camera View


Beethoven “Tempest” Sonata Op 31 #2. Lisitsa Canon Camera View

For those who claim to feel “motion sickness” while watching what I see from the performer’s vantage point 🙂 a single side shot with Canon camera – this and GoPro were used to mix the complete sonata. See my comments in the description of GoPro version – in this playlist .


This video just proves that playing piano is just as exciting as mountain biking, paragliding – or just doing silly stuff with GoPro camera as a companion 🙂 Fortunately no helmet is required for piano playing…unfortunately, no good place to conceal it. Ah yes, one more thing – I got unusually large share of “hate mail” for using GoPro for Bach Chaconne. While I never use an argument ” if you are so smart, why don’t you do it better?” for music-related negative comments ( after all it is unfair to couch “musicologists’ who are mostly frustrated amateurs or students, in case of video it’s a different story. I am just as amateur as any , if you don’t like the way the video is done – be my guest :-)))
I post here GoPro view , and in another video in the same playlist – the other , normal camera view. An open invitation to all would-be-critics : instead of unloading your disdain here ,download the camera angles , mix your own , ideal, version and post it on YT. I will be more than happy to see your masterpiece :-))) Good luck!

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