great compositions/performances: Clara Haskil plays Schumann Waldszenen


Clara Haskil plays Schumann Waldszenen

Robert Schumann (1810-1856):
Waldszenen (Forest Scenes) opus 82 (1848/49)
1. Eintritt (Entrance) at 0:17
2. Jäger auf der Lauer (Hunter in Ambush) 01:59
3. Einsame Blumen (Lonely Flowers) 03:12
4. Verrufene Stelle (Haunted Spot) 05:16
5. Freundliche Landschaft (Pleasant Landscape) 07:42
6. Herberge (Wayside Inn) 08:40
7. Vogel als Prophet (Bird as Prophet) 10:24
8. Jagdlied (Hunting Song) 13:26
9. Abschied (Farewell) 15:43

Clara Haskil (1895-1960), piano
Recorded in 1947

Artwork: paintings of various German Romantic painters.

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