today’s holiday: Bloomsday


James Joyce‘s novel Ulysses describes the events of a single day in Dublin: June 16, 1904. First published in Paris in 1922, Ulysses caused an uproar when it finally did appear in Ireland. But since 1954, Bloomsday—named after the novel’s main character, Leopold Bloom—has been a Joycean feast day, observed with a number of events throughout Dublin that commemorate its illustrious author and the lives of his characters. There is a ritual pilgrimage along the path followed by Bloom, public readings from the novel, costume parties, and parades. More…

6 responses to “today’s holiday: Bloomsday

  1. I can handle “Dubliners”, “A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man” & Joyce’s poems quite well. When it comes to “Finnegan’s Wake” & “Ulysses”, though, I’m up the Shannon without a Shillelagh
    . In honor of the occasion, though, I’m trying yet again to bluff my way through “Ulysses”


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