this day in history: Last Public Execution in France (1939)

Last Public Execution in France (1939)

Eugen Weidmann, a convicted thief, kidnapper, and murderer, was the last person to be publicly executed in France. After his arrest, Weidmann confessed to murdering five people and was sentenced to death. Shortly thereafter, he was beheaded by guillotine. The “hysterical behavior” of spectators at the event was so scandalous that French President Albert Lebrun immediately banned all future public executions. Executions by guillotine in France continued in private until what date? More… Discuss

2 responses to “this day in history: Last Public Execution in France (1939)

  1. It’s not that I believe in public executions. I appreciate the historical data you bring to light that I otherwise would completely miss. Historical facts seem a bit more important now than when I was learning them in the primary and jr. high grades. Thank you.


    • in the absence of remembering all, not just some, of the things of the past, evolution in society would be at at a standstill! Besides, public or witnessed just by few…. botched execution (can think of few) is abhorring! Progress and civility go hand in hand….no footing there either!
      thanks for your comment, and keep on visiting!


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