Brazil Sewage Tests Positive for Polio

Brazil Sewage Tests Positive for Polio

Air travel has made it easier for people to see the world—and, unfortunately, for infectious agents to hitch a ride along with them. Sewage samples near São Paulo, Brazil, one of the World Cup venues, have tested positive for poliovirus. Brazil has been polio-free since 1989, and the presence of the virus in sewage does not change its status, but it does highlight how easily diseases can be spread from place to place in this day and age. More… Discuss

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    • The main reason for society is so with direct and indirect effort and dedication the whole and every individual lives a better, safer, more fulfilling life… We don’t see much of that nowadays anywhere for many reasons, but I think most importantly because of the broken social contract, including life conditions, and measures for public health and safety!

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