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Encumbered not, poetic thought by George-B (The smudge and other poems

Encumbered not, poetic thought by George-B  (The smudge and other poems)

Unnoticed, silence breathed its way in:

can you watch now the growing grass,
the snowflakes parachutes landing and,
dust settling on top of dusty old, furniture tops?

almost instantaneously
night had moved over everything:

can you see now the shadows,
and the listless moon in owe,
eyeing the blue, as if…its dust,
were not to remain undisturbed
eons ahead,
except for a few boot prints…
cold of course, and odorless, and sterile…
encumbered not…

Photo: Earth and moon seen from space shuttle

make music part of your life series: Robert Schumann Symphonic Studies (Etudes Symphoniques) op.13 (complete) Mehmet Okonsar,piano


Robert Schumann Symphonic Studies (Etudes Symphoniques) op.13 (complete)
Mehmet Okonsar, piano: 

” Happy to get you here!

In this channel, as an independent musician, I present all my recordings, the videos are actual recordings from the CD-recording sessions. I hope that you enjoy these.

Please write remarks when you. Also I’d be happy you share them.

I present all my work under the Creative Commons CC_BY license. That suggests you may share, duplicate, propagate all of them unreservedly and also create other works based upon on all of them as long as you credit me.
About the WORK:
[from Wikipedia, read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphoni…]
The first edition in 1837 carried an annotation that the tune was “the composition of an amateur”: this referred to the origin of the theme, which had been sent to Schumann by Baron von Fricken, guardian of Ernestine von Fricken, the Estrella of his Carnaval Op. 9. The baron, an amateur musician, had used the melody in a Theme with Variations for flute. Schumann had been engaged to Ernestine in 1834, only to break abruptly with her the year after. An autobiographical element is thus interwoven in the genesis of the Etudes Symphoniques (as in that of many other masterpieces of Schumann’s). * Theme – Andante * Etude I (Variation 1) – Un poco più vivo * Etude II (Variation 2) – Andante * Etude III – Vivace * Etude IV (Variation 3) – Allegro marcato * Etude V (Variation 4) – Scherzando * Etude VI (Variation 5) – Agitato * Etude VII (Variation 6) – Allegro molto * Etude VIII (Variation 7) – Sempre marcatissimo * Etude IX – Presto possible * Etude X (Variation 8) – Allegro con energia * Etude XI (Variation 9) – Andante espressivo * Etude XII (Finale) – Allegro brillante (based on Marschner’s theme).

Other titles had been considered in September 1834: Variations pathétiques and Etuden im Orchestercharakter von Florestan und Eusebius. In this latter case the Études would have been signed by two imaginary figures in whom Schumann personified two essential, opposite and complementary aspects of his own personality and his own poetic world. ‘Florestan and Eusebius’ then signed the Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6; but only in the 1835 version of the Études symphoniques were the pieces divided so as to emphasize the alternation of more lyrical, melancholy and introvert pages (Eusebius) with those of a more excitable and dynamic nature (Florestan). In the 1837 version Florestan prevails.

Fifteen years later, in a second edition (Leipzig 1852), the 1837 title Etudes Symphoniques became Etudes en forme de variations, two studies (Nos. 3 and 9) that did not correspond to the new title (not being exactly variations) were eliminated, and some revisions were made in the piano writing.

The entire work was dedicated to Schumann’s English friend, the pianist and composer William Sterndale Bennett. Bennett played the piece frequently in England to great acclaim, but Schumann thought it was unsuitable for public performance and advised his wife Clara not to play it.
About the Artist:

Mehmet Okonsar is a pianist-composer-conductor and musicologist. Besides his international concert carrier he is a prolific writer. Founder of the first classical music-musicology dedicated blog-site:”inventor-musicae” (http://www.inventor-musicae.com) as well as the first classical-music video portal : http://www.classicalvideos.net. Okonsar homepage: http://www.okonsar.com.


Angela GHEORGHIU – O mio babbino caro – G Schicchi – Puccini


Angela GHEORGHIU – O mio babbino caro – G Schicchi – Puccini

Angela Gheorghiu sings the aria “O mio babbino caro”, from Puccini’s opera ‘Gianni Schicchi
(Concert from the Lincoln Center, December 31th, 2005)

today’s holiday: Festival of American Folklife

Festival of American Folklife

Since 1967, the Festival of American Folklife has been held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the richness and diversity of American and world cultures, emphasizing folk, tribal, ethnic, and regional traditions in communities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Recent festival programs have included musicians from the former Soviet Union, demonstrations of African-American coil basketry and Italian-American stone-carving, and the performance of a Japanese rice-planting ritual. More… Discuss

quotation: To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost. Gustave Flaubert

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) Discuss

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY: Imelda Marcos (1929)

Imelda Marcos (1929)

Marcos was First Lady of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986, when her husband’s regime was overthrown, forcing them to flee to Hawaii. Following her exile, Marcos was elected to the Philippines House of Representatives in 1995, in between two unsuccessful bids for the presidency. Her personal excesses, however, made her a controversial figure, and she has since faced a number of charges in anti-corruption court. Notorious for her shoe collection, Marcos reportedly once owned how many pairs? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Revolt Aboard the Amistad (1839)

Revolt Aboard the Amistad (1839)

In 1839, 53 African slaves being transported on the Spanish merchant ship La Amistad revolted against their captors. Having gained control of the ship, they demanded that the navigator set a course for Africa. However, he deceived them and sailed the ship northward until it was intercepted by the US Navy off the coast of New York. After a widely publicized court battle, the Supreme Court ruled that the Africans were not legally slaves and ordered them freed. What does amistad mean? More… Discuss

Video Calls Benefit Some Hospitalized Children

Video Calls Benefit Some Hospitalized Children

“Virtual visits” with loved ones help reduce stress for some—but not all—hospitalized children. Having access to video chat technology reduced stress levels for kids who lived an average of 35 miles from the hospital and were only hospitalized for about five days. However, pediatric patients whose hospital stays were longer or whose families lived farther away saw no real stress-reducing benefit from the technology. More… Discuss

word: dispraise


Definition: (noun) Disapproval; censure.
Synonyms: disparagement
Usage: Heaven forbid that she should say a syllable in dispraise of any member of that excellent family, above all, of my Lady, whom the whole world admires. Discuss.

The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas (watch youtube video)

The MGM Grand Hotel

One of the largest hotels on Earth, the MGM Grand opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1993. It had a very different look then than it does today, originally boasting an extensive Wizard of Oz theme that has since been scrapped in favor of an Art Deco motif. The complex also included a theme park, which was meant to make the Vegas Strip more family friendly, but it performed poorly and was closed in 2000. Why did many Chinese patrons avoid the MGM Grand’s main entrance prior to its redesign? More… Discuss

MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas

Noam Chomsky: Our Govt. Is Capable of Creating Total Catastrophe for Humankind | Alternet

Noam Chomsky: Our Govt. Is Capable of Creating Total Catastrophe for Humankind | Alternet.

this pressed: The NSA Revelations All in One Chart

ProPublica: The NSA Revelations All in One Chart
ProPublica: The NSA Revelations All in One Chart

via The NSA Revelations All in One Chart. (ProPublica)

great compsitions/performances: Sviatoslav Richter – Beethoven – Piano Sonata No 9 in E major, Op 14


Sviatoslav Richter – Beethoven – Piano Sonata No 9 in E major, Op 14

00:00 Allegro
06:39 Allegretto. Maggiore
12:53 Rondo. Allegro comodo

Sviatoslav Richter, piano

quotation: There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Victor Hugo


There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885) Discuss

today’s holiday: Bascarsija Nights

Bascarsija Nights

One of Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s biggest events, Bascarsija Nights is a month-long celebration of culture. Artistic expressions ranging from street theatre to classical symphony make up this festival held in the country’s capital, Sarajevo; one well-established tradition is the opening night performance by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. The remaining days are marked by events offering sophisticated entertainment—theatre, book readings, ballet, art exhibits—as well as popular fare like rock concerts, movie screenings, and folklore presentations.
More… Discuss


Allegro [0:05]
Andante [3:34]
Allegro Vivo[7:15]
Sonata by Joaquín Turina for solo guitar performed by Rafael Andia at Baščaršija Nights Festival in Sarajevo 1998
CD Harmonia Mundi, see http://www.rafaelandia.com

today’s birthday: Diana, Princess of Wales (1961)

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961)

From the time she became engaged to Prince Charles in 1981 until her death in a car accident in 1997, Diana was arguably the most famous woman in the world. A dedicated humanitarian, she campaigned against the use of landmines and called attention to the plight of AIDS victims. She also spoke publicly about her struggles with depression and bulimia. Her openness endeared her to many and stood in contrast to the traditional image of the royal family. Where did Diana work before marrying Charles? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Battle of Gettysburg Begins (1863)

Battle of Gettysburg Begins (1863)

The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, resulting in some 50,000 casualties in three days. It took place in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and signaled a turning of the tide in favor of the Union. The site is now a national cemetery, at whose dedication on November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. Seamstress Ginnie Wade was the only documented civilian casualty of the battle. How did she die? More… Discuss



Masada is a mountaintop fortress in Israel. According to the ancient historian Josephus, it was fortified by Herod the Great in the 1st century BCE. In 66 CE, at the beginning of the Jewish uprising against the Romans, a group of rebels captured Masada. They retained control of the fortress until 73 CE, when, besieged by the Romans, they committed mass suicide rather than surrender. Excavated in the 1950s and 60s, Masada is now a major tourist attraction. How do visitors reach the top of Masada? More… Discuss

Supercooling Could Extend Organs’ Viability

Supercooling Could Extend Organs’ Viability

A new technique for “supercooling” organs could preserve donor organs for days, allowing doctors more time to match them to suitable transplant candidates. Currently, doctors have a day or less to get a liver into a recipient, but in tests on rats, the new process kept livers viable for three days, a vast improvement. Rat livers are considerably smaller than human ones—0.35 oz (10 g) compared to 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)—and it remains to be seen whether scientists can scale up the technology and whether it will be able to preserve other organs as well. More… Discuss

word: harbinger


Definition: (noun) One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come.
Synonyms: herald, precursor, forerunner
Usage: The grim and persistent harbinger of evil aroused the man to renewed determination. Discuss.