Unknown Soldier by The Doors – Vietnam War Music Video

Unknown Soldier by The DoorsVietnam War Music Video

Uploaded on Apr 26, 2009/1,460,800 views

****Update July 3, 2013 – Glad to see the views still coming. Over one million views is awesome. Thank you guys 🙂

****Update Jan 17, 2012 – Thanks for over 500k views! Please refrain from rude comments, and also, please refrain from rude comments towards rude commentators. Positive conflict is encouraged.

****Update Nov 27, 2010 – 175k views?? Holy crap, I didn’t mean for this video to get so many views! Honestly, I put it on YouTube so I wouldn’t lose the video. Thanks so much for the positive input.

This was a project that I did as a sophomore in high school for history class. The pictures are a little out of sync with the beat, but that’s because movie maker sucks. Hopefully you enjoy the video because The Doors are amazing, and in my opinion, the Vietnam War is the most interesting war to study since the people and media were so involved!

Disclaimer: All footage was taken legally from education websites for educational purposes and the song Unknown Soldier by The Doors is not intended to infringe copyright laws. All material is solely for educational purposes.

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