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Pope urges Korean reconciliation

Pope urges Korean reconciliation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-28801253

Second World War sex slaves seek comfort from Pope decades after they were forced into brothels


Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times – NYTimes.com


Deep Tensions Rise to Surface After Ferguson Shooting – NYTimes.com


today’s holiday: African World Festival

African World Festival

The African World Festival is a cultural festival held annually on the third weekend of August in Detroit, Michigan. Sponsored by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History, the African World Festival includes entertainment, arts, education, and cultural exhibits. Traditional African dancers and drummers perform, and musicians entertain audiences with various styles of African-influenced music. The African Family Village offers arts, crafts, games, spoken word performances, and music for families with children. More… Discuss

quotation: Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world–and never will. Mark Twain

Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world–and never will.

Mark Twain (1835-1910) Discuss

today’s birthday: Davy Crockett (1786)

Davy Crockett (1786)

Crockett was a celebrated 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier, and politician. After serving in the War of 1812, Crockett was elected to the Tennessee legislature and later won three terms in the US House of Representatives. Though his dress, language, and backwoods wit gained him popularity, he failed to win reelection in 1835 and left for Texas, where he died at the age of 49 in the Battle of the Alamo. What caused a resurgence in Crockett’s popularity in the 1950s? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Leo Frank Lynched (1915)

Leo Frank Lynched (1915)

Frank was a Jewish-American factory manager accused of murdering his employee, 13-year-old Mary Phagan, in 1913. Frank was convicted, but when Governor John M. Slaton examined evidence that had not been presented at the trial, he commuted Frank’s death sentence. In the public outrage that followed, a group with ties to the Ku Klux Klan kidnapped and lynched Frank. The highly publicized ordeal turned the spotlight on anti-Semitism in the US. Frank’s trial led to the founding of what organization? More… Discuss

Egyptian Mummification Dates Back 6,000 Years

Egyptian Mummification Dates Back 6,000 Years

Mummification is an indisputably ancient practice, but new evidence suggests it emerged even earlier than experts previously thought. Funerary textiles from Egypt’s oldest-known cemeteries contain remnants of embalming substances, proof that mummification was being practiced as early as 4300 BCE, more than 1,500 years earlier than previously believed. Furthermore, the composition of the embalming agents on these textiles differed little from the agents used thousands of years later at the height of ancient Egyptian civilization. More… Discuss

word: scrawl



(verb) Write carelessly.




The note that my brother scrawled before his quick exit was unreadable. Discuss.

The Fabergé Eggs

The Fabergé Eggs

The Fabergé eggs were 50 jeweled “Easter eggs” created for the Russian tsars by famed jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé between 1885 and 1917. Tsar Alexander III commissioned the first egg as an Easter surprise for his wife, Maria Fedorovna. The tsarina was so delighted with the gift that Alexander established Fabergé as the Imperial Goldsmith and requested an egg each year thereafter, stipulating only that it contain a surprise. Nicholas II continued the tradition. Where are the eggs today? More… Discuss

Dohnanyi Serenade Trio in C Major, Op.10 (Heifetz, Primrose, Feuermann) – 1941: unique musical moments

Dohnanyi Serenade Trio in C Major, Op.10 (Heifetz, Primrose, Feuermann) – 1941

Erno Dohnanyi (1877-1960):
Serenade Trio for Strings in C Major, Op.10 (1902 – Hungary)
1. Marcia (Allegro)
2. Romanza (Adagio non troppo, quasi andante) 1:48
3. Scherzo (Vivace) 5:07
4. Tema con variazio, (Andante con moto) 8:48
5. Rondo (Finale) (Allegro vivace) 13:54

Jascha Heifetz, violin (189101987)
William Primrose, viola (1904-1982)
Emanuel Feuermann, cello (1902-1942)

Concerto op. 99 (complete) Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Flavio Sala, guitar: make music part of your life series


Concerto op. 99 (complete) Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Flavio Sala, guitar

Guitar Concerto op. 99 in D – Flavio Sala plays Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. http://www.flaviosala.com Samara Philarmonic Orchestra. Mikhail Sherbakov, Conductor. Samara, Russia 2011.




“Flavio Sala is the new Paganini of the guitar” – Alirio Diaz
“It was very exciting for me to listen to Flavio Sala” – Steve Howe
“Flavio Sala has a great technical ability” – Paco de Lucia

Italian guitarist, with more than 40,000 fans around the world (http://www.Facebook.com/FlavioSalaFans) and millions of views on Youtube (http://www.Youtube.com/Guitargurugu), Flavio Sala is considered the new star of the guitar, acclaimed by critics and audiences worldwide for his incredible instrumental technique, combined with extraordinary sensitivity and musical creativity.
My name is Flavio Sala and I am a guitarist. I was born in Bojano (Italy) on May 9, 1983. When I was seven year old, my father put a guitar in my hands and taught me the first two or three chords. Then I learnt copying my brothers. I fell in love with guitar and really felt like becoming a professional performer, without even know what that meant. I studied at the Conservatory with Pasqualino Garzia and at the “Accademia Musicale Chigiana” with Oscar Ghiglia. Till the age of fourteen I believed that classical music was the best, but after playing and playing it, I started to understand that I could not keep playing the same things during all my life. It was when I discovered Paco de Lucia, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorius and many others that I started to change and open my mind: since that moment I have been dreaming to become an eclectic artist, I just want to play on my guitar the music I love. I got really fascinated with flamenco, jazz, latin jazz but later also pop, rock and salsa artists/singers: “Why do they look so comfortable, happy enjoying their music and playing, and classical musicians always look like suffering on the stage all the time?” That used to happen also to me and I wanted to cut it down, absolutely!
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE http://www.FlavioSala.com







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Vladimir Horowitz 1950 / Chopin Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35 “Funeral March”: unique musical moments

From:  ss sabu  ss sabu

Vladimir Horowitz 1950 / Chopin Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35 “Funeral March”

Vladimir Horowitz 1950
Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35 “Funeral March”

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chopin, 1835

Frédéric Chopin‘s Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35, popularly known as The Funeral March, was completed in 1839 at Nohant, near Châteauroux in France. However, the third movement, whence comes the sonata’s common nickname, had been composed as early as 1837.

The sonata comprises four movements:

  1. Grave – Doppio movimento

  2. Scherzo

  3. Marche funèbre: Lento

  4. Finale: Presto

Funeral march

As noted above, the third movement is structured as a funeral march played with a Lento interlude. While the term “funeral march” is perhaps a fitting description of the 3rd movement, complete with the Lento Interlude in D-flat major, the expression “Chopin’s Funeral March” is used commonly to describe only the funeral march proper (in B-flat minor).

It was transcribed for full orchestra in 1933 by the English composer Sir Edward Elgar (in D minor), and its first performance was at his own memorial concert the next year. It was also transcribed for large orchestra by the conductor Leopold Stokowski; this version was recorded for the first time by Matthias Bamert.

The emotive “funeral march” has become well known in popular culture. It was used at the state funerals of John F. Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher and those of Soviet leaders, including Leonid Brezhnev. It was also played in the funeral of the Spanish poet Miguel Hernández and at thegraveside during Chopin’s own burial at Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.


Sergei Rachmaninoff – Scherzo in D minor (V. Polyansky – Russian State SO): make music part of your life series

From:  Wolfgang Amadé Mozart  Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Scherzo in D minor (V. Polyansky – Russian State SO)

Philadelphia Sinfonia – Astor Piazzolla “Melodia en La Menor”: make music part of your life series

From:     Philadelphia Sinfonia  Philadelphia Sinfonia

Philadelphia Sinfonia – Astor Piazzolla “Melodia en La Menor” 

(for bandoneón & strings)

Philadelphia Sinfonia
(Youth Orchestra)
Gary D. White, Conductor & Music Director
Astor Piazzolla – Melodia en La Menor
(live performance featuring the strings of Philadelphia Sinfonia – 2009)

Philadelphia Sinfonia Association includes 3 orchestras:
Philadelphia Sinfonia – our advanced orchestra (high school & college)
Philadelphia Sinfonia Players – our intermediate orchestra (middle school & high school)
Philadelphia Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra – our strings only chamber orchestra

Our talented and dedicated students come from all over the Delaware Valley to participate in our high-level orchestral training program.

“Educating Musicians. Creating Artists.” – Philadelphia Sinfonia Association

http://www.philadelphiasinfonia.com – website
info@philadelphiasinfonia.com – email

this pressed from the telegraph : Twitter suspends Islamic State accounts – Telegraph

Twitter suspends Islamic State accounts – Telegraph.

this pressed from Washington Post: The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters. – The Washington Post

The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters. – The Washington Post.

this pressed: The King Clone Creosote | San Bernardino | Artbound | KCET

The King Clone Creosote | San Bernardino | Artbound | KCET.

Backyard BBQ


Backyard BBQ


Governor criticises riot town police

Governor criticises riot town police http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-28827304

Armed Men Raid Liberia Ebola Quarantine Center


Microsoft Issues Hotfix for Internet Explorer Slowdowns | News & Opinion | PCMag.com


Russia aid convoy at Ukraine border

Russia aid convoy at Ukraine border http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-28825307

Tear gas fired after Missouri curfew

Tear gas fired after Missouri curfew http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-28824157

Extreme medicine: The search for new antibiotics


29 Ebola patients flee Monrovia clinic after it is raided by gang of armed men – Mirror Online