this day in the yesteryear: Hurricane Katrina Devastates US Gulf Coast (2005)

Hurricane Katrina Devastates US Gulf Coast (2005)

Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Central Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm. Its storm surge breached the levee system that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, flooding the city. Lack of food and water in the aftermath fueled criticism of the US government‘s recovery efforts, and many former residents established new lives elsewhere. Katrina caused an estimated $81 billion in damages. How many people died during the hurricane and subsequent flooding? More… Discuss

2 responses to “this day in the yesteryear: Hurricane Katrina Devastates US Gulf Coast (2005)

  1. I was here in Miami for it. The max damage hit Homestead about 25 miles south of me here in North Miami. It had a narrow path so major damage was focused to the SW. But was without electricity 8 days at this end of Dade County. It was more damaging than usual in the county because Wilma hit 10 days before and the ground was still soaked to the underground water level and trees like the ficus with huge root systems fell from soil saturation which has never happened and I’ve been here since 1954 for all the hurricanes.


    • Carl, Thanks for sharing your unforgettable life experience and the specific weather conditions. I know that such tragedies are in one’s memories.
      The most I was without electricity and land phone was 12 hours. it seems that each time we have a storm (45 miles/hour) a (one) telegraph pole gets affected. This occurred five times in 30 years, and every time the folks cross the street have no disruption. You can imagine how it feels to see the light across the street, while your food goes bad in the fridge). Just a minor inconvenience (compared to what you and millions had to endure and it stays with me: each time it starts raining, I think about the possibility of loosing light, or telephone, or both, and start checking on batteries, candles, portable radios, etc…


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