Putin ‘urges talks on east Ukraine’

Putin ‘urges talks on east Ukraine’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-29003116

4 responses to “Putin ‘urges talks on east Ukraine’

  1. What if the invaders don’t want to talk? They come. They have guns. They use the guns and keep moving forward taking over territory without regard to the indigenous inhabitants’ wishes or even basic human rights. This is how aggression works whether one talks about Nazi Germany or the colonizing powers in Palestine. They come, they have guns, they use the guns and the only talk they want to hear is “we surrender.”


    • Actually that’s what they’ve been doing starting with Crimea, and ever since. They invented infiltration and diplomatic ambiguity. The thing is many people know that, except for politicians everywhere! (they hurt the economy with sanctions, while populations are sanctioned by bullets)


      • I heard some in Romania express concern about the Russians attempting to take everything up to the Delta.


      • Hungary 1956, Prague 1968, etc. I think they want to be neighbors with us again: they will just annexed Ukraine, as pro russians are all over…Then they will march Ukrainians into gulag! all under the heavy economic sanctions!


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