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Norway Ranked Best for Older People

Gamasutra – Four hackers indicted for breaking into Valve and Microsoft servers

Judge rules against White House on Affordable Care Act – Jennifer Haberkorn –

Tracy Morgan: ‘I can’t believe Wal-Mart is blaming me for an accident that they caused’ – NY Daily News

CDC confirms first case of Ebola in US | Fox News

Venezuela defends Clorox seizure

Venezuela defends Clorox seizure

Antibiotic ‘link to child obesity’

Antibiotic ‘link to child obesity’

Scans reveal hidden Leonardo works

Scans reveal hidden Leonardo works

Marcos art seized in Philippines

Marcos art seized in Philippines

Children hit by tooth decay at three

Children hit by tooth decay at three

A perfect one hundred percent, poetic thought, ©by George-B Always (the smudge and other poems)

A perfect one hundred percent, poetic thought,
by George-B

In some non mysterious yet natural way
I failed to understand the way you are,

look up toward the heavens above in search of
a sign
anything to
lean on
A cotton cloud
and again understanding,
that is comprehensive,
that cleanses like
a non-acid summer rain as they used to be before…
You are so obvious, yet-yet  I always failed to give you
what you needed, to give you…
so I just gave you back you riddle and
tried to behave meanwhile as if I understood you
completely, as if I knew the puzzling cross-word by heart
as if I ace every SAT question, one and all,
a perfect one hundred percent.

(©by George-B Always

In pictures: India’s dying printing tradition

In pictures: India’s dying printing tradition

In pictures: The lure of gold

In pictures: The lure of gold

Day in pictures: 30 September

Day in pictures: 30 September

Islamic State ‘adapting to air strikes’

Islamic State ‘adapting to air strikes’

Threat posed by voice activation

Threat posed by voice activation

Obama and Modi call for ‘new agenda’

Obama and Modi call for ‘new agenda’

White House security plan ‘failed’

White House security plan ‘failed’

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system

Thousands of Ebola orphans ‘shunned’

Thousands of Ebola orphans ‘shunned’

Kurds fight IS on Iraq-Syria border

Kurds fight IS on Iraq-Syria border

Thousands more join HK protests

Thousands more join HK protests

***String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor, D.810 “Der Tod und das Mädchen” (Death and the Maiden) – Alban Berg Quartet: great compositions/performances

*String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor, D.810 “Der Tod und das Mädchen” Death and the Maiden Alban Berg Quartet

Saint of the Day for Tuesday, September 30th, 2014: St. Jerome

St. JeromeImage of St. Jerome

St. Jerome, who was born Eusebius Hieronymous Sophronius, was the most learned of the Fathers of the Western Church. He was born about the year 342 at Stridonius, a small town at the head of the … continue reading

More Saints of the Day

quotation: Better no rule than cruel rule. Aesop (620 BC-560 BC)

Better no rule than cruel rule.

Aesop (620 BC560 BC) Discuss

today’s holiday: San Geronimo Feast Day

San Geronimo Feast Day

San Geronimo Feast Day is the feast day for St. Jerome, the patron saint of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. For 1,000 years, the Tiwa-speaking Taos Indians have lived at or near the present pueblo, and it is still the home of about 1,500 residents. The celebration commences on the evening of September 29 with a sundown dance, followed by vespers in the San Geronimo Mission. On the following day, there are foot races in the morning, and, in the afternoon, figures wearing black-and-white body paint and costumes climb a pole, an act that has secret religious significance to the Taos. More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207)

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207)

Rumi was a great Persian poet and Sufi mystic whose influence has spread to Persian-speakers in Afghanistan, central Asia, Turkey, and beyond. His Masnavi-ye Manavi, a six-volume work of spiritual teaching and Sufi lore related in the form of stories and lyric poetry, widely influenced Muslim mystical thought and literature. Rumi’s followers founded the Mevlevi order, whose members use dancing and music as part of their spiritual method and are popularly known by what name? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: First Photos Taken of a Giant Squid in the Wild (2004)

First Photos Taken of a Giant Squid in the Wild (2004)

In 2004, two teams of Japanese researchers traveled to a sperm whale hunting ground south of Tokyo, where they attached bait, a camera, and a flash to a 3,000-foot (914-m) line. After numerous attempts to lure their prey, a 26-foot (8-m) giant squid attacked and became entangled in the lure, breaking free after more than 500 photos were taken over a four-hour period. What did the photos—the first ever taken of a live giant squid in its natural habitat—reveal about the mysterious creature? More… Discuss

news: Tens of Thousands Protest in Hong Kong

Tens of Thousands Protest in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets in Hong Kong to protest Beijing‘s plan to vet candidates for the post of chief executive of Hong Kong in the 2017 elections. Since 1997, when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China, the chief executive has been selected by a 1,200-member election committee with pro-Beijing leanings. Last month, China agreed to allow direct elections in 2017, with the proviso that voters will only be able to choose from a list of pre-approved, almost undoubtedly pro-Beijing candidates. The protesters are demanding the freedom to choose their candidates. More… Discuss

Opus Dei

Opus Dei

Opus Dei is a Roman Catholic lay order founded in 1928 in Spain, where it gained support from the government of Francisco Franco after the Spanish Civil War. Roughly one-third of its more than 85,000 members are celibate and live communally. Opus Dei seeks to promote traditional Catholic values and teachings and opposes liberalism and immorality. It also emphasizes preaching to government officials, intellectuals, and business executives. Why has Opus Dei been controversial among some Catholics? More… Discuss

word: pallid


Definition: (adjective) Having an abnormally pale or wan complexion.
Synonyms: pasty, colorless, ashen
Usage: In the gray of the morning the two students, pallid and haggard from anxiety, met at the medical college. Discuss.

official trailer of the film “I Build the Tower” the Watts Towers by Simon Rodia: A MUST SEE!

Sam (Simon Rodia) of the watts Towers

Simon Rodia, Architect and sole builder of the Rodia Towers (Watts Towers)

the Watts Towers Arts Center and tours
call (213) 847-4646 fax (323) 564 7030
add +1 when dialing from abroad


Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles – Full Album (1967): great compositions/performances

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles – Full Album (1967)

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 0:00
With a Little Help from my Friends2:02
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds4:45
Getting Better – 8:11
Fixing a Hole10:58
She’s Leaving Home13:34
Being for the Benifit of Mr.Kite! – 17:09
Within You Without You19:49
When I’m Sixty-Four – 24:52
Lovely Rita27:29
Good Morning Good Morning30:10
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) – 32:49
A Day in the Life – 34:08

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is track #13 on the album Love. It was written by Lennon, John Winston / Mccartney, Paul James.

It was twenty years ago today
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
They’ve been going in and out of style
But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you
The act you’ve known for all these years
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We hope you will enjoy the show
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sit back and let the evening go
Sgt. Pepper’s lonely, Sgt. Pepper’s lonely
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

It’s wonderful to be here
It’s certainly a thrill
You’re such a lovely audience
We’d like to take you home with us
We’d love to take you home

I don’t really want to stop the show
But I thought that you might like to know
That the singer’s going to sing a song
And he wants you all to sing along

So let me introduce to you the one and only Billy Shears
And Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Drug Companies Make Huge Strides In Cancer Treatment – Dumb Out | Dumb Out

World’s Broadband Gets Broader, but U.S. Still Lags Many Countries – NBC

Invite-only Facebook rival Ello hit by DDoS attack : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times

Israel points to Iran as main threat

Israel points to Iran as main threat

Afghans to sign troop deal with US

Afghans to sign troop deal with US

Belgium tries 46 over jihadist links

Belgium tries 46 over jihadist links

Hong Kong protesters stay on streets

Hong Kong protesters stay on streets

Is your brain male or female?

Is your brain male or female?

Queen Mary: Liner that helped launch monster cruise ships

Queen Mary: Liner that helped launch monster cruise ships

this day in the yesteryear: Japan Resumes Diplomatic Relations with China (1972)

Japan Resumes Diplomatic Relations with China (1972)

The first Sino-Japanese War in the late 19th century damaged relations between the two countries for decades, as it marked the emergence of imperial Japan and saw harsh terms imposed on a badly defeated China. Relations did not improve until Kakuei Tanaka was elected prime minister of Japan in 1972. Shortly after his election, Tanaka visited China and signed an agreement establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and the Beijing regime. Who else made a historic visit to China in 1972? More… Discuss

Norway to Pay Liberia to Leave Trees Be

Norway to Pay Liberia to Leave Trees Be

Liberia is to become the first African nation to completely halt logging in exchange for development aid. Norway has agreed to pay Liberia $150 million to stop deforestation in the country by 2020. Though Liberia’s forestland is not as extensive as that of other countries, it contains a significant portion of West Africa’s remaining rainforest. The deal is a major turnaround from just two years ago, when Liberia handed out licenses permitting companies to cut down more than half of the country’s remaining primary rainforest. More… Discuss

Code Talkers

Code Talkers

“Code talkers” were Native American soldiers in the US military who transmitted secret messages using codes based on their native languages. Though code talking was used as early as World War I, it is chiefly associated with Navajo language speakers in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The Navajo code baffled the Japanese, and, according to military officers, was key to the American victory in the Battle of Iwo Jima. What was it about this “code” that made it so difficult to crack? More… Discuss

word: descry


Definition: (verb) To catch sight of (something difficult to discern).
Synonyms: spot, spy
Usage: From the top of the hill I descried a solitary rider. Discuss.

Booting Up: Mark Zuckerberg, say Ello to my little friend | Boston Herald

One people, 1,200 sausages

One people, 1,200 sausages

this pressed: Which new multiple myeloma drug will the FDA approve next? | Multiple Myeloma Blog

via Which new multiple myeloma drug will the FDA approve next? | Multiple Myeloma Blog.

this pressed: BBC News – Banks shut branches over Hong Kong protests

Pro-democracy protestors blocked large parts of central Hong Kong, where many financial firms are located

Standard Chartered and several other banks have suspended some of their operations in central Hong Kong following mass pro-democracy protests.

Bank branches that offer over-the-counter services have been closed, as well as ATMs and cash deposit machines in affected areas.

Some firms have also advised their staff to work from home or go to secondary offices.

Thousands of demonstrators clashed with police, who fired tear gas, on Sunday.

via BBC News – Banks shut branches over Hong Kong protests.