24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S. | CNS News


4 responses to “24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S. | CNS News

  1. I am in Miami, Florida. 80% of my doctors are from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines, Israel and Pakistan.


    • Because their parents sacrificed every moment, and raised their children in a responsible way! In other parts of the world education is still the goal… Money comes after, not from gambling, and not from dreaming to be as famous as the 1 in a million talented and lucky football player! Only here students avoid learning because they think they don’t need to know (arts, languages, math etc.) That’s my opinion, even though it’s based on personal observation, and experience of a life time!


  2. They appreciate opportunity more. I’d say half or better of highschoolers in Miami leave school with no marketable skills and are untrainable without basic writing and reading skills. This is not fault of teachers or school either. Far too many teens are already in the welfare system and not worried. Others don’t have a clue what turning 18 means.


    • It’s the culture of looking up to the new money, as learning and knowledge only prepares one to be a dedicated, but replaceable…serve. A very un civilized way of looking at life: reason for comparing society with a jungle!) Parents are to be blamed, indeed, not teachers or school…but in politics all effort is made to insure that the only progress made is….the state of denial!


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