Artificial Sweeteners May Be Bad for Blood Sugar


English: Great taste without the sugar. The se...

English: Great taste without the sugar. The secret: isomalt. While other sugar free products use artificial sweeteners which create an overly sweet after-taste, Walter Sugar Free Wheat Pandesal uses isomalt. This ensures that the bread keeps its delightful original flavor minus the sugar. This is ideal for bread lovers with diabetes problems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artificial Sweeteners May Be Bad for Blood Sugar


English: idealized curves of human blood gluco...

English: idealized curves of human blood glucose and insulin concentrations during the course of a day containing three meals; in addition, effect of sugar-rich meal is highlighted; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The longstanding debate about the advisability of replacing sugar in one’s diet with artificial sweeteners just got a little more complicated. Researchers found that the no-calorie sugar substitutes, meant to help keep things like weight and blood sugar levels in check, alter the balance of gut microbes linked to metabolic diseases like diabetes and may lead, or contribute, to elevated blood sugar levels. The research focused on three common artificial sweeteners: saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame. More… Discuss




4 responses to “Artificial Sweeteners May Be Bad for Blood Sugar

  1. I gave up sugar and also alternatives in processed foods many years ago. I used to take in a lot of them. I had no noticeable effects. Today after 18 years it only takes one diet drink to make me feel light headed and get the shakes. We build up a resistence to sugar over a period of time and like any stimulant it takes more of it to create the buzz. Children as young as six and seven are already hooked like I was. It needs to be treated with respect.


    • It is remarkable to mention that sugar used to be very expensive, and used as a treat (hard candy especially)

      Also high fructose and corn syrup were not used at all!
      For some reason we have lost control over what we eat, as if there are farmers feeding us: What does that make us?

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      • I am not entirely sure. We are not gullible but I still think we are in awe of anyone with a PhD and assume that they must know what they are talking about. So much conflicting information that people threw up their hands and say to hell with it – might as well be happy! I set out 18 years ago to change the world and set it alight with my message. I know that most people who read my books and my posts are already taking responsibility so preaching to the choir. However, will keep going until I pop my clogs and if I live to 100 then I might backslide a bit myself…..have a good week…Sally


      • I noticed too: for each survey pro, a conter-survey is published within a week…no matter what the subject! It is more about market than fact!And that’s the fact!
        Enjoy your afternoon!

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