this pressed for your right to know: Andy Rooney: “Don’t get out and vote” – CBS News

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Andy Rooney: “Don’t get out and vote”

As voters head to the polls for the 2014 midterm elections, here’s Andy Rooney’s take on the slogan: “Get out the vote.”

The following is a script of “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney” which aired on Oct. 21, 1984.

Andy Rooney: You hear a lot of talk about getting out the vote these days. Local politicians are even using government workers to try and register welfare recipients, for example, and several of the big corporations are pretending they’re “Mister Nice Guy” by telling everyone to get out and vote in commercials. CBS, for example.

[Commercial: They’ve already done the hard part. All we have to do is vote.]

Andy Rooney: The companies are trying to sound patriotic and all-American. Patriotism is selling very well this year. I don’t want to sound un-American or as though I don’t believe in democracy, but I’d prefer to leave a sleeping vote lie.

[Man: I don’t know. I’m not into politics.]

[Man: I am not too much in politics. I’m just voting and I don’t get myself involved in politics. I’m just looking to the future of my kids.]

[Reporter: Don’t you think it makes any difference whether you vote or not?]

[Woman: It does make a difference, but I just never got around to voting. OK?]

via Andy Rooney: “Don’t get out and vote” – CBS News.

So, you are one of those lucky companies, who are encouraged by politicians to encourage us, bloggers to get out and vote, and put a nice badge on out blog stating to the matter of voting: Who’s asking you WordPress to do that, and why?

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