Russia raises interest rate to 17%

Russia raises interest rate to 17%

2 responses to “Russia raises interest rate to 17%

  1. Hopefully this economic strain will curtail Putin’s recolonization efforts in Eastern Europe and perhaps his overthrow and the installation of a regime that wants a sensible economic relationship with the West and not military confrontation. Russia stands to gain so much economically and with prosperity with such an approach.


    • From my eperience relating to the bear nothing that he does is unintentional, nothing not thought thru, everything a surprise, and mostly a unpleasant one! What I recall is Hungary 1956, Prague 1968, and so on. A hibernating bear is not a dead bear: spring come, not by the groundhog, the bear wakes up, yawn twice and goes hunting for food: Crimea, was just a short wake up call: What they want I think is to maintain a nobody’s land between them and the west, made from the nations around them! They want to stay independent, by depending on the support of the bordering countries, and the ethnic Russians there. They will annex eastern Ukraine, at least, due to the industry they think they built there…But this is just a personal opinion, based more on what they did so far!


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