Pope Francis And His Gift For Blending The Spiritual And The Political : Parallels : NPR

In the United States, which Francis visits in September, the Pew survey shows he has a 78 percent favorable rating.

But John Allen, the veteran Vatican analyst for The Boston Globe, says the first pope from the global south has irritated some conservative Americans by criticizing laissez-faire capitalism and the ills of globalization.

“In his bones, the defense of immigrants is a hugely important issue, immigration is a divisive political question in the United States,” Allen says. “He is deeply suspicious of free market global capitalism. (The U.S. is) the mother ship of free market global capitalism, so there is some resistance there.”

There is also resistance within the Catholic Church, and Vatican analyst Politi fears what he calls the strategy of the swamp.

“A lot of people in the church hierarchy let him speak, applaud and do nothing,” he says.

A pope alone, says Politi, cannot change an institution with 1.2 billion members.

“For a pope to change the church, you need an engaged laity, you need engaged theologians, really engaged pro-reform bishops,” he says.

via Pope Francis And His Gift For Blending The Spiritual And The Political : Parallels : NPR.

2 responses to “Pope Francis And His Gift For Blending The Spiritual And The Political : Parallels : NPR

  1. As a non-Catholic, it’s amazing to me that Pope Francis enters our conversations more often than any Pope before. We’re all baby-boomers and approve of the way he’s handeling so many issues within the Church. I can only hope he’ll be able to bring many of the wrongs of the past, deal with them appropriately and have a stronger church.


    • He has already acted in a very decisive manner for a Pontiff, and am sure he will continue with the same pathos, and love for human life, as he has shown. It true that , unfortunately he inherited a lot, and also that the world has become what we are witnessing, which did not happen in hundreds of years…It clearly shows what happen when we loose our humanity in dealing with others. WHile I respect every body’s creed, I cannot not observe with sadness, how much power we loose by being spread over more than 30,000 Christian churches> there too, POpe Francis has made giant steps towards the reevaluation of the differences between the Eastern and western Christianity, which has weakened us, when we needed most to be united: The loss of Constantinople! He visited with a heavy heart Hagia Sophia, when in Istambul, and met with the leaders of the Muslim creed.
      Indeed Habemus Papam!
      Thanks for your comment! Lets hope that we’ll be able to bring some sanity back to the world!

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