Was Napoleon Murdered?

Was Napoleon Murdered?

Was Napoleon Murdered?


It is hard to believe that the British doctors conspired to eliminate Napoleon from life, as it was Britain’s position to keep him alive as long as possible because they didn’t want to be accused of murdering and making a martyr of him.  [The British doctors even recorded on paper the amount of calomel given to Napoleon a strange way to cover up a murder. . . or was it just a medical foul-up? .Probably so!]

I’m sure that this is a disappointment to those of you who are romantics like myself, who would prefer a mysterious enigma to accurate history!

Now that all of the above, relating to an arsenic count found in Napoleon’s hair, has been made ‘much ado about hardly nothing,’ where does that leave us?  After all, no one is implying that he was ‘murdered’ by arsenic it only made him miserable and ill.

If you want to create your own conspiracy theory, then Montholon gave Napoleon the drink of orgeat for his thirst, and Dr. Arnott gave Napoleon a large dose of calomel to purge him.  If that was the case, why did Montholon wait all those years to complete his poisoning mission, when in fact it was done in one combined shot, and it was even recorded with the exact amount of purgative administered for the world to see?  A ‘bungle up?’  It was more than likely!

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