word: languid


Definition: (adjective) Lacking energy or vitality; weak.
Synonyms: lackadaisical, languorous
Usage: He gave a languid wave of the hand to signify his indifference. Discuss.

2 responses to “word: languid

  1. Here’s what I’ve never understood about communication. When someone is a kid, he’s always told to improve his vocabulary, and to use words that are as simple as possible. What good are all the extra words then?


    • I see language as the ultimate euphemism, especially when it comes to artistic expression. I read in my time articles written for students, in which the only purpose was to make the author incomprehensible by bombasticism!
      So it is just a cultural thing, and the respectable will always treat the reader with respect, by using adequate language! But that’s just my opinion!
      thanks for commenting Larry!


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