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Romanian Rhapsody ub A major, Op. 11 nr.1- George Enescu , great compositions/performances

Romanian Rhapsody – George Enescu

For Pope Francis, Good Friday shrouded in grief over persecuted Christians :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Pope Francis at Good Friday liturgy held at St. Peter’s Basilica on April 3, 2015. Credit: Bohumil Petrek/CNA

Rome, Italy, Apr 3, 2015 / 03:45 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Both Pope Francis’ Good Friday service at the Vatican and the Stations of the Cross held at the Colosseum later in the day zeroed-in on the plight of persecuted Christians around the world.

“In you, Divine Love, we see again today our persecuted brethren: beheaded, crucified, for their faith in you, beneath our eyes, or often with our complicit silence,” he said in a brief reflection April 3 following the Way of the Cross.

The Pope’s remarks come one day after the massacre of 147 students – mostly Christian, separated from their Muslim colleagues at the start of the attack – at Kenya’s Garissa University College at the hands of Somalian Al Shebaab gunmen.

Earlier today, Pope Francis condemned “this act of senseless brutality,” in a letter of condolence to the Kenyan Bishop’s conference, praying “for a change of heart among its perpetrators.”

According to the letter which was signed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Holy Father called on authorities to increase their efforts in bringing an end to violence, promoting justice and peace.

Earlier in the day, during celebrations for the Passion of Our Lord in Saint Peter’s Basilica, papal preacher Father Raniero Cantalamessa also touched on the Kenya massacre, and other recent examples of Christian persecution.

Speaking also of the 21 Coptic Christians killed by ISIS last February, Fr. Cantalamessa said Christ gave them “the strength to die whispering the name of Jesus.”

Pope Francis has spoken out repeatedly on Christian martyrs of today. He has stressed that there are more persecuted Christians throughout the world now than there were in the early centuries of Christianity.

At the conclusion of the Way of the Cross – or Via Crucis – Pope Francis reflected on the suffering which Christ endured during His Passion.

“In the cruelty of your Passion, we see the cruelty in our heart, and of our actions,” he said.

“Oh Victorious Christ Crucified, your Way of the Cross is the synthesis of your life, the icon of your obedience to the will of the Father, and the realization of your infinite love for us, who are sinners.”

Pope Francis also spoke of those who, like Christ during his passion, feel abandoned, “disfigured by our negligence, and our indifference.”

The pontiff concluded his address by asking God to “teach us that the Cross is the Way toward the Resurrection,” and that “Good Friday is the path toward the Easter of Light.”

“Teach us that God never forgets any of his children, and never tires of forgiving us and embracing us with his infinite mercy. But also teach us to never be tired of asking for forgiveness, and believing in mercy, without limit, from the Father.”

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via For Pope Francis, Good Friday shrouded in grief over persecuted Christians :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

this pressed: Cracks appear in Democratic-Jewish alliance in wake of Iran agreement|via Info24.us

Cracks appear in Democratic-Jewish alliance in wake of Iran agreement

Many U.S. Jewish leaders are unnerved both by the new Iran nuclear agreement and the public falling out between President Barack Obama and his Israeli counterpart, developments that are creating a rift in the durable alliance between Jews and the Democratic Party in the run-up to the 2016 elections.

Worried that Iran might still develop a nuclear weapon despite the accord announced Thursday, the Jewish leaders say they feel torn between an Obama administration that has pressed hard for a deal and an Israeli government that has repeatedly warned that Iran is a grave threat to the Jewish state and can’t be trusted to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

A group of Jewish Democratic House members met with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough in his office last week and cautioned that for them to help “sell a very unpopular [Iran nuclear] deal to our constituents,” Mr. Obama must “increase his popularity with our constituents,” said a Democratic congressman involved in the meeting.

Republicans have begun making moves to try to capitalize on this unease, hoping to peel away Jewish votes and campaign contributions that have historically skewed Democratic.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he and his cabinet strongly oppose the current deal to regulate Iran’s nuclear program.

Republican congressional leaders have been critical of the proposed Iran deal, and the GOP’s likely 2016 presidential contenders have largely opposed it. It isn’t clear congressional Republicans have a way to block any final deal, and experts warn that even if a Republican wins the White House in 2016, it won’t be as easy to wipe off the books an international agreement as campaign rhetoric may suggest.

Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic front-runner, has voiced guarded support for the Iran deal, casting it as “an important step toward a comprehensive agreement that would prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.” Many Jewish leaders have said that if Mrs. Clinton, who enjoys strong ties to the Jewish community, becomes the party’s nominee, that would help salve the discontent with the White House.

The lawmakers who met with Mr. McDonough last week also urged that Mr. Obama soften his tone toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and avoid “getting into a daily argument with” him, one participant said.

via Cracks appear in Democratic-Jewish alliance in wake of Iran agreement.

From France 24 :

Inside the French Islamic Organisation


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From France 24 : symbolic victory…

‘Symbolic victory’ as French court summons ex-Gitmo chief


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From BBC news : Week in pictures: 28 March-2 April 2015

Week in pictures: 28 March-2 April 2015 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-32146768

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From BBC news : Chinese soldiers: let them eat pickles?

Chinese soldiers: let them eat pickles? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-32164488

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From BBC news : Five suspects held over Kenya attack

Five suspects held over Kenya attack http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-32181105

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From BBC news : Shia militia pulled out of Tikrit

Shia militia pulled out of Tikrit http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-32181503

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From BBC news : Obama ‘confident’ of Iran success

Obama ‘confident’ of Iran success http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32180762

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From BBC news : Pope decries killing of Christians

Pope decries killing of Christians http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-32179180

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Today In History. What Happened This Day In History

Today In History. What Happened This Day In History

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on this day in history. Historical facts of the day in the areas of military, politics, science, music, sports, arts, entertainment and more. Discover what happened today in history.

April 4

527   In Constantinople, Justin, seriously ill, crowns his nephew Justinian as his co-emperor.
1581   Francis Drake completes circumnavigation of the world.
1812   The territory of Orleans becomes the 18th state and will become known as Louisiana.
1818   The United States flag is declared to have 13 red and white stripes and 20 stars.
1841   President William Henry Harrison, aged 68, becomes the first president to die in office, just a month after being sworn in.
1862   The Battle of Yorktown begins as Union gen. George B. McClellan closes in on Richmond, Va.
1917   The U.S. Senate votes 90-6 to enter World War I on Allied side.
1918   The Battle of the Somme ends.
1941   Field Marshal Erwin Rommel captures the British held town of Benghazi in North Africa.
1949   The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty is signed.
1968   Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
1974   Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth’s home-run record.
1979   Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the president of Pakistan is executed.
1985   A coup in Sudan ousts President Nimeiry and replaces him with General Dahab.
Born on April 4
1780   Edward Hicks, Quaker preacher and painter (The Peaceable Kingdom).
1792   Thaddeus Stevens, U.S. Republican congressional leader.
1802   Dorothea Dix, American social reformer.
1821   Linus Yale, inventor of the Yale lock.
1884   Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese naval commander during WWII.
1896   Arthur Murray, ballroom dance instructor.
1896   Robert Sherwood, playwright.
1914   Marguerite Duras, French author (The Lover).
1915   Muddy Waters, American blues musician.
1928   Maya Angelou, American poet and author.
1932   Anthony Perkins, actor (Psycho).
1938   Bart Giamatti, baseball commisioner, president of Yale.

– See more at: http://www.historynet.com/today-in-history#sthash.GkmKzJHm.dpuf

today’s picture: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was fatally shot as he stood outside the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4, 1968. The 39-year-old minister, known for preaching nonviolence in the crusade for civil rights, was in Memphis in support of striking city sanitation workers. Escaped convict James Earl Ray was convicted of King’s murder but later recanted his confession. In spite of lingering controversy surrounding his guilt, Ray served a life sentence for the crime until his death in 1998.

historic musical bit, Arthur Rubinstein – Chopin Nocturne Op. 62, No. 2 in E , great compositons/performances

Arthur Rubinstein – Chopin Nocturne Op. 62, No. 2 in E

great compositions/performances, Robert Schumann , Symphony No 1 in B flat major, Op 38, Frühlingssinfonie Spring, Bernstein

Robert Schumann Symphony No 1 in B flat major, Op 38 Frühlingssinfonie Spring Bernstein

Best of Classical Music: Haydn – String Quartet No. 53 in D major (“The Lark”) – Op. 64, No. 5,

Haydn – String Quartet No. 53 in D major (“The Lark”) – Op. 64, No. 5

today’s holiday: Senegal Independence Day

Senegal Independence Day

For many years, Senegal was controlled by various European powers, and France gradually began gaining control over the area in the 17th century. On April 4, 1960, Senegal won its independence from France. Today, April 4 is a national holiday celebrated all over the country, but festivities are particularly grand in the capital city of Dakar. More… Discuss

quotation: Very few of us are what we seem. Agatha Christie (audiobook_Evil Under the Sun Reading by David Suchet)

Very few of us are what we seem.

Agatha Christie (1890-1976) Discuss


You can select audiobooks to listen to, of movies available on YouTubeLet’s listen to the “Evil under the Sun”:

Evil Under The Sun Audiobook Full By Agatha Christie

today’s birthday: Antoine Galland (1646)

Antoine Galland (1646)

Antoine Galland was a French scholar famed as the first European translator of The Thousand and One Nights. After translating The Tale of Sindbad the Sailor into French in 1701, he embarked on a translation of a 14th-century Syrian manuscript of the tales, filling 12 volumes. Still, mystery surrounds the origins of some of the most famous tales. No Arabic manuscripts of Aladdin and Ali Baba pre-date Galland’s translations, leading some scholars to conclude what? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan Executed (1979)

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan Executed (1979)

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party, served as president of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973 and as prime minister from 1973 to 1977. In the 1970 parliamentary elections, Bhutto’s party won a majority of seats in West Pakistan, but East Pakistan’s Mujibur Rahman won an overall majority. The power struggle that followed led to a civil war in which East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, gained its independence and Bhutto rose to become president of Pakistan. Why was he executed in 1979? More… Discuss

Cicadas |cigales| greiere


A cicada is an insect with a stout body, a wide, blunt head, protruding eyes, and two pairs of membranous wings. Male cicadas have platelike membranes on the thorax, which they vibrate like drum heads, producing a loud, shrill sound. The Magicicada species have the longest known life cycles of any insect–17 years. They live only one week as winged adults, however, spending the rest of the time in the form of larvae, burrowed underground. To what are their long life cycles an adaptation? More… Discuss


fable Jean de La Fontaine : la cigale et la fourmi – dessin animé

word: pendent


Definition: (adjective) Hanging down; projecting.
Synonyms: dangling, overhanging, suspended
Usage: An examination of the cave revealed nothing but hundreds of sleeping bats pendent from the ceiling. Discuss.