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WPA Approved by Congress
President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression of the 1930s when almost 25 percent of Americans were unemployed. Approved by Congress on April 8, 1935, the WPA created low-paying federal jobs to provide immediate relief. The WPA put 8.5 million jobless to work on projects as diverse as constructing highways, bridges and public buildings to arts programs like the Federal Writers’ Project. This photograph, taken in El Cerrito, San Miguel County, New Mexico, shows WPA laborers at work on a road project.

Photo: National Archives

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2 responses to “today’s picture

  1. FDR’s entire New Deal was a very sensible approach as contrasted with the mess we have today.


    • I think he was the most brilliant president we had, who undersood the idea of a nation and paved (literally) the orads of America (and the electric power, and gave American the nobility to be self-sufficient. By contrast today we are way behind in the new way of moving ideas and informantion with the most expensive and archaic internet: same com[panies are regulated to deliver services at a fraction of the prize and at maximum speed! all that in the EU countries! Roosevelt wold,ve understood this one too! Thanks for the comments Carl!


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