Just a thought: “If Christians were united…”


Mosaic (Jesus) from Hagia Sophia

Mosaic (Jesus) from Hagia Sophia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just a thought:  George BostIf Christians were united, instead if schismed Hagia Sofia would have remained the jewel of Christianity and so much more! Reunite, on the foundation of rock on which Christ has build his church. Give meaning to our commonality, to our faith as if our spiritual life depended on it: because it does!”





4 responses to “Just a thought: “If Christians were united…”

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  3. The ONLY Rock we can unite on is the one and only Jesus, the Christ, in his one body and one Spirit. No other rock will do! Relationship not religion; Jesus’ Church is his body filled with his Spirit and we are hid in Christ in God! We receive his water, fire, Spirit and blood and we enter into him: the two become one new creation! Unite in this: the Way, Truth and Life of God IN US! Christ IN YOU, hope of glory!!!!!!!!


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