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From BBC : The man who keeps finding new species of shark

The man who keeps finding new species of shark



From BBC : ‘Organs-on-chips’ wins design award

‘Organs-on-chips’ wins design award



From France 24 : Outrageous ISIS

Outrage over Muslim gender ban in French grocery store



From CNN : ISIS rule: Lashed for smoking, cage for cards

ISIS rule: Lashed for smoking, cage for cards



From NPR News: Corrupt Officials…

When Corrupt Chinese Officials Flee, The U.S. Is A Top Destination



IS online: Can it be stopped?

IS online: Can it be stopped?



From BBC : Mother Teresa’s successor dies

Mother Teresa’s successor dies



From BBC : Mexico arrests Jalisco drug lord son. (THE FACE OF SATAN? )

Mexico arrests Jalisco drug lord son http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-33246590

From BBC : Syrian economy halved by conflict (TAKE THAT TO COURT? )

Syrian economy halved by conflict



From BBC : Facebook can recognise you without your face. (WHY IS THIS A GOOD DAY THING?)

Facebook can recognise you without your face



From BBC : Rebel flag protests spread across US

Rebel flag protests spread across US



From BBC : Hungary suspends key EU asylum rule

Hungary suspends key EU asylum rule



From BBC : US ‘spied on French presidents’

US ‘spied on French presidents’



From BBC : ‘Fast-track’ trade bill clears hurdle

‘Fast-track’ trade bill clears hurdle



From BBC : ‘Hero’ soldier feted in Afghanistan

‘Hero’ soldier feted in Afghanistan



From BBC : US to boost Europe arms deployment

US to boost Europe arms deployment



From BBC : Iraq crisis displaces three million

Iraq crisis displaces three million



FEDERICO MOMPOU.- Suite compostelana

FEDERICO MOMPOU.- Suite compostelana

historic musical bits: Sviatoslav Richter – Liszt – Piano Concerto No 2 in A major

Sviatoslav Richter – Liszt – Piano Concerto No 2 in A major

historic musical bits: Johannes Brahms – Symphony No.1 – Wiener Philharmoniker – Bernstein – 1981

Johannes Brahms – Symphony No.1 – Wiener Philharmoniker – Bernstein – 1981

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons? :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons?

Credit: Estitxu Carton via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Credit: Estitxu Carton via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Vatican City, Jun 16, 2015 / 03:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Can a country with deep Christian roots like Mexico find itself at the mercy of demons? Some in the Church fear so.

And as a result, they called for a nation-wide exorcism of Mexico, carried out quietly last month in the cathedral of San Luis Potosí.

High levels of violence, as well as drug cartels and abortion in the country, were the motivation behind the special rite of exorcism, known as “Exorcismo Magno.”

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, presided at the closed doors ceremony, the first ever in the history of Mexico.

Also participating were Archbishop Jesús Carlos Cabrero of San Luis Potosí, Spanish demonologist and exorcist Father José Antonio Fortea, and a smaller group of priests and lay people.

The event was not made known to the general public beforehand. According to Archbishop Cabrero, the reserved character of the May 20 ceremony was intended to avoid any misguided interpretations of the ritual.

But how can an entire country become infested by demons to the point that it’s necessary to resort to an Exorcismo Magno?

“To the extent sin increases more and more in a country, to that extent it becomes easier for the demons to tempt (people),” Fr. Fortea told CNA.

The Spanish exorcist warned that “to the extent there is more witchcraft and Satanism going on in a country, to that extent there will be more extraordinary manifestations of those powers of darkness.”

Fr. Fortea said that “the exorcism performed in San Luís Potosí is the first ever carried out in Mexico in which the exorcists came from different parts of the country and gathered together to exorcise the powers of darkness, not from a person, but from the whole country.”

“This rite of exorcism, beautiful and liturgical, had never before taken place in any part of the world. Although it had taken place in a private manner as when Saint Francis (exorcised) the Italian city of Arezzo,” he stated.

The Spanish exorcist explained, however, that the celebration of this ritual will not automatically change the difficult situation Mexico is going through in a single day.

“It would be a big mistake to think that by performing a full scale exorcism of the country everything would automatically change right away.”

Nevertheless, he emphasized that “if with the power we’ve received from Christ we expel the demons from a country, this will certainly have positive repercussions, because we’ll make a great number of the tempters flee, even if this exorcism is partial.”

“We don’t drive out all the evil spirits from a country with just one ceremony. But even though all will not be expelled, those that were removed are not there anymore.”

Fr. Fortea emphasized that “when the exorcists of a country drive out its demons, it has to be done in faith. You’re not going to see anything, feel anything, there’s not going to be any extraordinary phenomenon. We have to have faith that God conferred on the apostles a power, and that we can use this power.”

“In any case, if this ritual were to be carried out in more countries once year, before or after, this would put an end to any extraordinary manifestations which would show us the rage of the devil. Because, without a doubt, the demons hate to be driven out of a place or to be bound with the power of Christ.”

The Spanish exorcist said that “it would be very desirable that when there’s an annual meeting of exorcists in a country, a ritual such as this exorcismo magno that took place in Mexico be performed.”

He also emphasized that a bishop “can authorize its occurrence once a year with his priests in the cathedral.”

“The bishop is the shepherd and he can use the power he has received to drive away the invisible wolves from the sheep, since Satan is like a roaring lion prowling around looking for someone to devour, and the shepherds can drive away the predator from the victim,” he concluded.

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via What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons? :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Modern martyrs should inspire US Christians, archbishop says :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Baltimore, Md., Jun 22, 2015 / 04:11 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The plight of persecuted religious believers overseas should inspire American Catholics and others to continue their defense of religious freedom at home, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore said.

“What solidarity we should have with these believers. We should be inspired by their courage and renewed in our resolve not to let religious freedom in our country be compromised by degrees until it all but disappears from our society,” the archbishop said.

“They are the ones who teach us about God’s precious gift of religious freedom,” he said in a June 21 homily. “No matter how great the threat to life and property, these believers exercise that God-given freedom which no tyrant can eradicate – the freedom to bear witness to one’s faith even at the cost of one’s life.”

U.S. religious freedom challenges are not the same magnitude as outright persecution facing Christians in other countries, he said, but U.S. Christians are nevertheless “in the same boat.”

Archbishop Lori’s homily came during Mass at Baltimore’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. About 1,000 people attended the Mass, which launched the U.S. bishops’ third Fortnight for Freedom event.

Archbishop Lori heads the U.S. bishops’ religious freedom committee.

“We seek the freedom to bear witness to Christ’s love, not just in church but in our service to the wider community through works of justice and charity, education, social services, and health care,” the archbishop said, echoing the 2015 campaign’s theme “Freedom to Bear Witness.”

The event, from June 21-July 4, coincides with the feasts of saints including Thomas More and John Fisher. It is intended to raise awareness about threats to religious freedom in the U.S. and about the need for religious freedom protections like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The Fortnight for Freedom campaign began in 2012 in the wake of the Obama administration’s efforts to mandate that employers provide insurance coverage for drugs and procedures to which they have religious and moral objections, such as sterilization procedures and contraceptive drugs, including drugs which have abortion-causing effects.

While the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 ruling against the Obama administration mandate in favor of Hobby Lobby provided some protections for closely-held for-profit corporations and their owners, the federal courts are still considering legal challenges for non-profits and other groups.

The rise of “gay marriage” and strict application of anti-discrimination law have also caused problems for Catholics and other religious believers. Small businesses with moral reservations about participating in same-sex ceremonies have faced discrimination lawsuits for declining to provide services, while Catholic-run adoption agencies have been forced to close because the law would require them to place children with same-sex couples.

Archbishop Lori said religious freedom relates to “our most fundamental relationship, our relationship with God.”

He said there are “many intolerant voices” working to stifle religious freedom by “labelling as bigotry long-held beliefs about the sanctity of life and marriage,” by imposing “a grey and godless secularism,” and by “branding basic religious liberty protections as ‘a license to discriminate’.”

“Increasingly religious institutions in the United States are in danger of losing their freedom to hire for mission and their freedom to defend the family,” he said. “It is one thing for others to disagree with the Church’s teaching but quite another to discriminate against the rights of believers to practice our faith, not just in word but in the way we conduct our daily life, ministry, and business.”

Efforts to pass state-level religious freedom protections have faced increasing opposition from activist groups and large businesses. The controversy over Indiana’s 2015 Religious Freedom Restoration Act was so intense that the Indiana legislature passed an amendment that critics said significantly undermined religious freedom in the state.

The activist group Catholics for Choice has launched a campaign to undermine the Fortnight for Freedom. It has placed ads in the front cover wraparound of the Washington Post Express showing a caricature of a bishop who points at the viewer and says “We want you to help us discriminate.”

Catholics for Choice said the ad shows a Catholic bishop “recruiting an army of intolerance.” It claimed the bishops want the “freedom to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with them.”

Archbishop Lori in his homily praised the early Christians’ courageous witness of faith amid persecution, as well as later saints like St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher and English and Irish martyrs. He cited the recent execution of 20 Coptic Christians and one companion in Libya, whom Islamic militants beheaded for being Christian.

He prayed that Catholics will “allow Christ to awaken our faith and to stir us into action so that we may preserve, protect, and defend our God-given freedom to bear him witness…may God bless us and keep us always in his love!”

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via Modern martyrs should inspire US Christians, archbishop says :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

picture of the day: President Lincoln at Antietam

President Lincoln at Antietam
President Lincoln stands between Allan Pinkerton and Major General John A. McClernand in Antietam, Maryland in October 1862.

Library of Congress

Saint of the Day for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015: St. Joseph Cafasso

Image of St. Joseph Cafasso

St. Joseph Cafasso

Joseph Cafasso was born at Castelnuovo d’Asti in the Piedmont, Italy, of peasant parents. He studied at the seminary at Turin, and was ordained in 1833. He continued his theological studies at the … continue reading

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today’s holiday: Estonia Victory Day

Estonia Victory Day

This date commemorates the Battle of Vönnu in 1919, in which a joint force of Estonians and Latvians claimed a decisive victory and marked the end of 700 years of German control. Today, the president and other dignitaries attend the official Victory Day ceremonies in the capital city, Tallinn. The holiday transitions from the political to the traditional when the president orders citizens to take torches from the official bonfire held in honor of Victory Day to light the hundreds of bonfires in the country that initiate Midsummer and St. John’s Eve celebrations. More… Discuss

quotation: Agatha Christie

I have learnt that I am me, that I can do the things that, as one might put it, me can do, but I cannot do the things that me would like to do.

Agatha Christie (1890-1976) Discuss

today’s birthday: Oda Nobunaga (1534)

Oda Nobunaga (1534)

Nobunaga—son of a daimyo, or feudal lord—was a Japanese military commander and one of the three unifiers of premodern Japan, along with his general Toyotomi Hideyoshi and ally Tokugawa Ieyasu. One of the first Japanese generals to arm his foot soldiers with muskets, Nobunaga destroyed the armies of powerful Buddhist sects and greatly expanded his father’s holdings. He also stimulated the economy through the use of the free market system. Nobunaga supported missionaries from what religion? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Christopher Latham Sholes Granted Typewriter Patent (1868)

Christopher Latham Sholes Granted Typewriter Patent (1868)

As a teen, American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes apprenticed with a printer and later became a newspaper publisher. In 1868, he, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel W. Soulé were granted a patent for their design for the first practical typewriter. Five years later, he sold his rights for $12,000 to the Remington Arms Co., which developed the Remington Typewriter. Sholes went on to invent the so-called QWERTY keyboard that is still in use today. Why did he arrange the letters in this unusual order? More… Discuss



Rostov-on-Don is situated along the Don River near its entrance into the Sea of Azov, which has been an area of great commercial and cultural importance since ancient times. It was in essence established in 1749, when a customs house was built on the Don, a major shipping lane connecting northern Russia to the Caucasus. As the most heavily industrialized city of South Russia during the Russian Civil War, it became a bone of contention between what groups? More… Discuss

word: underlayment


Definition: (noun) A pad placed under a carpet.
Synonyms: carpet pad, rug pad
Usage: After they removed the underlayment, the young cousins were able to slide the rug across the hardwood floor as though it were a sled on ice. Discuss.

From BBC : Are skinny jeans bad for your health?

Are skinny jeans bad for your health?



From BBC : Australia rewrites citizenship laws

Australia rewrites citizenship laws



From BBC : WHO says insecticide causes cancer

WHO says insecticide causes cancer