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Hearts to Hearts


Hearts to Hearts

Saint of the Day for Thursday, July 9th, 2015: St. Veronica Giuliani

today’s holiday: Argentina Independence Day

Argentina Independence Day

Independence Day in Argentina is a national holiday commemorating the day in 1816 when delegates from various provinces of the country met at the home of the prominent Bazán family, in Tucumán, to proclaim their independence from Spanish rule. Civil war and various forms of government followed, but the date of the original Independence Day celebration has been continuously honored. It is now marked across the country by speeches and patriotic displays, as well as parties, family reunions, and live music. More… Discuss

quotation: “Simple, sincere people seldom speak much of their piety. …” – Louisa May Alcott

Simple, sincere people seldom speak much of their piety. It shows itself in acts rather than in words, and has more influence than homilies or protestations.Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) Discuss

today’s birthday: Carlos Chagas (1879)

Carlos Chagas (1879)

Chagas was a Brazilian physician who discovered in 1909 what is now called Chagas’ disease. Caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, the disease of South and Central America usually affects children and is transmitted by the feces of infected insects. Chagas’s work is unique in the history of medicine in that he alone completely described a new infectious disease, including its pathogen, vector, host, clinical manifestations, and epidemiology. What insect often transmits Chagas disease? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Johnny Weissmuller Breaks One-Minute Barrier in 100-Meter Freestyle (1922)

Johnny Weissmuller Breaks One-Minute Barrier in 100-Meter Freestyle (1922)

During the 1920s, Weissmuller earned himself recognition as the best all-around amateur swimmer in the US. In 1922, he broke the world record in the 100-meter freestyle, swimming it in 58.6 seconds, and went on to win gold in that event at the 1924 Summer Olympics. He eventually won 5 Olympic gold medals and set 67 world records before parlaying his celebrity into an acting career. After starring as Tarzan in 12 films between 1932 and 1948, Weissmuller went on to play what comic book adventurer? More… Discuss

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain is an American author, executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles in NYC, and host of the Travel Channel’s culinary and cultural adventure program No Reservations. He is known for being edgy and provocative; his many epicurean exploits have included instances of him eating ant eggs in Mexico, a raw seal eyeball in the Arctic, and a live cobra in Vietnam. He initially gained popularity with his bestselling book about the darker side of the restaurant industry. What is the book called? More… Discuss

word: farrago


Definition: (noun) An assortment or a medley; a conglomeration.
Synonyms: hodgepodge, omnium-gatherum, melange, mingle-mangle, mishmash, oddments, odds and ends, ragbag
Usage: If the farrago of newspaper clippings, stale coffee mugs, and chewed-on pencils strewn around the office was any indication, her boss had been at the office all night. Discuss.

From the Guardian : Bernie Sanders solidifies appeal to retirees with social security pitch

Bernie Sanders solidifies appeal to retirees with social security pitch



From the Guardian : Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout

Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout



From CNN : Immigrants and crime: Crunching the numbers

Immigrants and crime: Crunching the numbers



From BBC : Four million have fled Syria – UN

Four million have fled Syria – UN