From NPR News: Iran…

How The Iran Nuclear Deal Could Reshape The Middle East


3 responses to “From NPR News: Iran…

  1. Why would anyone be senseless enough to make a deal with a country whose religion says its OK to lie, cheat , steal and murder a non believer in their religion and expect integrity?


    • These “anyones” are the big chunks of the globe population leadinbug . Wdiplomats, even if they need the chunk approval or not (P 6, I think they call themselves). But, not to worry: I’m convinced that the Great politucians (REPUBLICANS FOR SURE) WILL NEY THE DEAL TO EASE YOUR WORRIES… Besides change makes things alwsys so much more fun: just about everyone will tell you that boredom is the real culprit of all wrongs in the world! I for one think that lack of Brownian motion is conducive to great creativity and prosuces true progress for humanity in all aspects of its development!


    • Carl, check out the post with the article from the Guardian, on some ideas about the nuclear program deal (of which details we the plebee will never know evething to make an educated opinion)
      I hot it will have some answers for you, unless answers is not whatt you’re looking for.


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