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From France 24 :

No new Greece bailout without ‘debt sustainability’, IMF says



Blue Moon Sketch


Blue Moon Sketch

today’s holiday: Vanuatu Independence Day

Vanuatu Independence Day

The most important national holiday in Vanuatu, Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country. It marks the end of colonial rule by the French and British. The largest Independence Day celebrations take place in the capital city of Port Vila. A number of sporting events are held, as well as canoe and yacht races in the harbor. A military parade takes place in Independence Park. Dancing takes place and aerobics groups from throughout Vanuatu perform, and a string band competition is held. More… Discuss

Quotation: Oscar Wilde

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Discuss

today’s birthday: Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Lisa

Lisa Kudrow

Born: 7/30/1963
Birthplace: Encino, California

Television and film actress best known for her Emmy-winning role as New Age-y massage therapist Phoebe Buffay on NBC’s hit Friends (1994–2004). A Vassar graduate with a degree in biology, Kudrow never planned to become an actress, but when Jon Lovitz (of Saturday Night Live fame), a family friend, encouraged her to try out for an L.A. comedy group, she made the switch to the acting life. After a few bit appearances on TV shows such as Cheers and Newhart she secured a recurring role on NBC’s Mad About You in 1993 as Ursula the waitress. Her big break came when she was chosen to play Phoebe for the sitcom Friends, which premiered in 1994. Feature film credits include Mother (1996), Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (1997), Analyze This (1999) and its sequel Analyze That (2002) and Hanging Up (2000). Her most recent project was the HBO series Comeback (2005).

this day in the yesteryear: The First Defenestration of Prague (1419)

The First Defenestration of Prague (1419)

In 1419, a mob of Czech Hussites stormed the town hall of Prague and killed several members of the town council by throwing them out of a window—an act known as “defenestration.” Spurred by discontent at the inequality between the peasants and the Church and nobility, the First Defenestration of Prague led to the prolonged Hussite Wars, which broke out shortly afterward and continued until 1436. What was the Second Defenestration of Prague? More… Discuss

The Edo Period

The Edo Period

Edo, now named Tokyo, was the seat of power during the reign of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1867). This period brought much needed stability to Japan. The shogun’s national authority, combined with the daimyo’s regional authority, permitted the administration of both centralized and decentralized authorities. Literacy spread, farming techniques improved, and interregional trade expanded during this period; nevertheless, the last Tokugawa shogun resigned in 1867 because of what pressures? More… Discuss

word: tegument


Definition: (noun) A natural outer covering; an integument.
Synonyms: skin, cutis
Usage: When it became apparent that the burn victim would need a skin graft, the doctors decided to use tegument from his thigh. Discuss

Prostate cancer: Five types ‘found’

Prostate cancer: Five types ‘found’



Cameron in warning to Calais migrants

Cameron in warning to Calais migrants



Trump’s immigration: Deport, then legalize

Trump’s immigration: Deport, then legalize



Bill Gross says Fed recognizing zero percent rates causing harm to U.S.

Closely followed bond investor Bill Gross on Thursday said the Federal Reserve is beginning to recognize that ultra low interest rates increasingly have negative as well as positive consequences. Gross’ remarks in his August Investment Outlook came a day after the Fed, at the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting, left its benchmark short-term interest rate near zero but dropped several hints that it is near seeing enough improvement in the job market to prompt officials to raise the rate as early as September. The roughly $7 trillion that the world’s three biggest central banks, including the Fed, have pumped into the financial system since the financial crisis has succeeded mostly in lifting prices of securities rather than the cost of goods and workers’ wages, Gross said.