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From France 24 : Suez Canal

Video: How the Suez Canal made history



Catholic News Service: Our Father Prayer in Ohlone Indian language: Blessed Junipero Serra Canonization

Catholic News Service: Our Father Prayer in Ohlone Indian language Blessed Junipero Serra Canonization 

Published on Aug 6, 2015

In preparation for the canonization in America next month of Blessed Junipero Serra, take in these images of some of the historic California missions as an Ohlone Indian descendant recites the Our Father in an early native tongue.

The Missions of California

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Missions of California
Missions cover 2007.jpg
Directed by R.J. Adams
Produced by Diane C. Adams
Written by R.J. Adams
Distributed by History Quest Video
Release dates
United States April 10, 2007
Running time
60 mins.
Country U.S.A.
Language English language

The Missions of California is an in-depth documentary covering every aspect of the twenty one California Missions chronologically from San Diego to the Wine Country of Napa-Sanona by using a combination of HD color footage, crystal clear archival film and a rare collection of historic photographs.


Re-tracing the footsteps of the early Spanish Padres along the historic El Camino Real, the film captures and beauty and essence of these legendary landmarks from the inside out. The film also features many of California’s most important events such as the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the great California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century as well many of the state’s most famous personalities.

The Missions


Amazing music/golden performances: Schumann Symphonic Etudes Op. 13 & Op.Posth. Valentina Lisitsa

Schumann Symphonic Etudes Op. 13 & Op.Posth. Valentina Lisitsa

Historic Musical Bits: Michelangeli Debussy Preludes Book 1

Michelangeli Debussy Preludes
Book 1


Bell tower of St Nicholas church, Russia, flooded to make way for a dam— Abandoned Places (@AbandonedPIaces)

Egypt opens Suez Canal expansion

Egypt opens Suez Canal expansion



Smile Island Engraving


Smile Island Engraving

Of Blue Fowers Sketch


Of Blue Flowers Sketch

Channel Islands Sketch


Channel Islands Sketch

Shapes and Shades Sketch


Shapes and Shades Sketch

Ferguson’s radical knitters: “If someone asks me what I’m doing, I say, ‘I’m knitting for black liberation”

Ferguson’s radical knitters: “If someone asks me what I’m doing, I say, ‘I’m knitting for black liberation”



US-trained Syrian rebels refuse to fight ​al-Qaida group after kidnappings

US-trained Syrian rebels refuse to fight ​al-Qaida group after kidnappings



Democratic primary debate schedule criticized as Clinton ‘coronation’

Democratic primary debate schedule criticized as Clinton ‘coronation’



The Trump effect: immigration remarks push GOP contenders sharply right

The Trump effect: immigration remarks push GOP contenders sharply right



Fotografia zilei: Cand pisica si cainele simt nevoia de armonie, unde sant oamenii care simt nevoia de ura?

Fotografia zilei: Cand pisica si cainele simt nevoia de armonie, unde sant oamenii care simt nevoia de ura?


Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him – LA Times

Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him

Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him

Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him

Caught On Video: Rohnert Park Officer Pulls Gun On Man Recording Him On Cellphone

A Rohnert Park officer was captured on video pulling his gun on a man who was recording him on his cellphone.

By Veronica Rocha contact the reporter

A Northern California police department is reviewing a video showing one of its officers pulling a gun on a man who was recording him on his cellphone.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a Rohnert Park Public Safety officer driving toward Don McComas as he’s filming. As McComas moves in closer to record the license plate number on the officer’s police SUV, the officer stops, gets out and tells McComas to take his hand out of his pocket.

McComas replies: “No sir, I’ve done nothing. I have done absolutely nothing. No.”

Body camera video undercuts police account of skid row shooting, suit says

Body camera video undercuts police account of skid row shooting, suit says

The officer removes his gun from his holster, speaks into his radio and says, “Seriously.”

McComas responds, “Put your gun down, really?”

The video shows McComas backing away as the officer motions the gun toward him.

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McComas repeats he did nothing wrong and tells the officer not to touch him.

When McComas asks why the officer stepped out of his vehicle, the officer responds, “You taking a picture of me. I am taking a picture of you.” The officer then asked whether McComas was “some kind of a constitutionalist or crazy guy or something like that.”

“Why are you doing this?” the officer asks McComas, who responds, “Why are you sitting here with your gun on me? This is why I am doing this. To protect myself from you.”

McComas was not detained or arrested.

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As the officer walks away, he tells McComas, “Go ahead, have a nice day and put it on YouTube. I don’t really care.”

Rohnert Park Mayor Amy Ahanotu and City Manager Darrin Jenkins said in a statement that an internal review will be conducted to determine if the proper protocols were followed.

“We’ve been made aware of this matter, and we are taking it seriously,” they said. “We understand the concerns that have been raised by our community and others and we want the public to know that your trust in law enforcement in our city is a top priority.”

via Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him – LA Times.

Greece in crisis – and what Catholics are doing to help : Catholic News Agency (CNA)

By Elise Harris

Athens, Greece, Aug 6, 2015 / 04:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As Greece’s financial and political situation reaches a fever pitch in complexity, Caritas has stepped up and is offering help to the growing number of poor and migrants inhabiting the country.

“Here everything is blocked, everything is difficult. There isn’t work, there isn’t anything. Also Greeks are looking for work, everyone is. It’s a very, very difficult situation,” Father Andrea Voutsinos told CNA Aug. 5.

Fr. Voutsinos is the director of Caritas Greece, which is part of the regional Caritas Europe branch and the wider, all-encompassing Caritas Internationalis.

In a July 5 referendum Greek citizens voted heavily against Europe’s latest bailout offer after the country failed to repay their creditors large amounts of their more than $300 billion debt. The vote raised concerns that the country could suffer a worse economic disaster and lose its place in the eurozone.

Greece has been in financial crisis for years. Economically the weakest nation in the eurozone, it was hit hard during the 2008 global financial crisis. Beginning in 2010, it began receiving financial bailouts, on the condition that it adopt austerity measures such as pension cuts, tax hikes and public sector layoffs.

These austerity measures were a primary motivation in the negative referendum vote, which has left Greece with an increasingly uncertain future.

Unemployment in Greece is currently 25 percent, and individuals are unable to withdraw more than $70 a day from ATMs.

Amid the country’s ongoing dilemma, including a rising number of needy families and a growing number of refugees flooding in from the Middle East, Caritas Greece has been expanding their initiatives to assist more people.

The organization recently launched a new program called “Estia,” aimed at reaching out to families who have nothing, Fr. Voutsinos explained.

In addition to helping families with basic food needs, Caritas also offers assistance in paying for bills and medical insurance, since in Greece you can’t be admitted to the hospital unless you pay, the priest said.

“If they don’t have any work, they can’t bring anything home to live on. We are sending help daily,” he noted, including funds for electric, gas and water bills.

Caritas Greece also runs a large daily soup kitchen, this year feeding nearly 300 extra mouths, including several who are elderly.

However, the country’s growing number of poor is “only half the concern,” Fr. Voutsinos said, explaining that there is also an increasing worry over what to do with the number of refugees who enter into Greece’s southeastern islands from Turkey, making their way to Athens and beyond.

More than 90,000 refugees have entered Greece from the so far this year, most of them from the Middle East, the priest said, and he expects to see even more of an increase before the end of the year. Among those who come are many from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Every day more arrive from Turkey because it’s so close,” he said. With nowhere to go the refugees often make their way to Athens and sleep on the streets or in parks.

“There is great poverty, because the people don’t have the possibility to buy what’s necessary to eat.” So Caritas tries to help feed them, he said.

In addition to their other initiatives, the charitable organization also has a special project for Syrians who come to Greece, helping them in integrate as well as offering meals through their soup kitchen, assisted by the Missionaries of Charity.

The refugees who come “are looking for a better world,” the priest said, “but when they enter it’s not a better world.”

Despite the various projects Caritas is involved in, Catholics in Greece are a minority, making it difficult to raise the necessary funds in order to meet the country’s rising needs.

With the dominating religion being the Greek Orthodox practice, only 200-300,000 Catholics live in the country, “but by now also the Greek Catholics have lost work. They also ask us for help, but we don’t always have the money because we also have to sustain the parishes,” Fr. Voutsinos said.

As a result, the Caritas branches of Europe, Italy, Latin America and North America have all donated to the Greek branch in order to ensure they have enough funds to continue assisting their needy community.

Pope Francis recently offered his solidarity with Greece ahead of the country’s July referendum, calling for prayer and an attention to human dignity when entering into political debate.

“The news from Greece regarding the economic and social situation of the country is worrying,” Vatican press director Fr. Federico Lombardi said in a July 1 statement on behalf of Pope Francis. The Pope, he said, “invites all the faithful to unite in prayer for the good of the beloved Greek people.”

Fr. Voutsinos said that the Pope’s words were a consolation for them, but that difficulty remains, and “everyone is a little afraid for the future.”

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via Greece in crisis – and what Catholics are doing to help :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Saint of the Day for Thursday, August 6th, 2015: St. Hormisdas Pope

Image of St. Hormisdas Pope

St. Hormisdas Pope

Pope from 514-523, successor to St. Symmachus, and father of Pope St. Silverius  Born in Frosinone, Campagna di Roma, Italy, he was an Italian, although he had a Persian name. Married and … continue reading

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today’s holiday: Festival of El Salvador del Mundo (the Savior of the World)

Festival of El Salvador del Mundo

The patron saint and namesake of El Salvador—El Salvador del Mundo (the Savior of the World)—is honored with a national festival. Festival proceedings commence the week of the saint’s day, on August 6. The main events of the festival are a religious procession, a large fair, various sporting events and a riotous party featuring street floats and dancers. The religious ceremony features an old wooden image of Christ that is lowered inside a wooden shell; it emerges from the shell appareled in gleaming white robes, a symbolic representation of Christ’s transfiguration. More… Discuss

There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don’t know. Ambrose Bierce

There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don’t know.

Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) Discuss

today’s birthday: Andy Warhol (1928)

Andy Warhol (1928)

Warhol, one of the most influential artists of the late 20th century, was the leading exponent of the pop art movement. Seeking to minimize the role of his own hand in his work, Warhol began mass-producing silkscreen paintings with the help of assistants at his studio, dubbed “the Factory.” His works, which are both popular and controversial, feature commonplace objects, such as dollar bills, soup cans, and soft-drink bottles, as well as celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Who shot him in 1968? More… Discuss

People and Places: Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie

Guthrie was an American folk musician best known for the song “This Land Is Your Land.” During the Great Depression of the 1930s, he lived a hobo’s life, traveling with his guitar and harmonica. Guthrie wrote or adapted more than 1,000 songs, often performing them at protest rallies, and became a successful radio personality and a hero to protest singers like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. After his death, his daughter approached what singer to record songs with lyrics that Guthrie had written? More…



Definition: (noun) The umbrellalike fruiting structure forming the top of a stalked fleshy fungus, such as a mushroom; the cap.
Synonyms: cap
Usage: The recipe instructs the chef to separate the pileus from the stalk, presumably because the former adds more flavor to the dish. Discuss.

2015-08-06 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has appealed to the international community to take action against the continuing persecution of Christians and religious minorities.

In a letter addressed to the Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem and Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan, Maroun Lahham, Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees in Jordan who have fled persecution describing them as the martyrs of today.

Upon the invitation of Archbishop Lahham and of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouwad Toual, the Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Nunzio Galantino is currently visiting Jordan to mark the 1st anniversary of the arrival of Iraqi refugees in the nation.

During his visit, Archbishop Galantino will participate in a number of meetings and events and will visit some refugee camps.

Please find below Vatican Radio’s translation of the Pope’s letter:

Your Excellency Mons. Lahham

Dear brother, I take advantage of the visit to Jordan of His Excellency Archbishop Nunzio Galantino, Secretary General of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, to reach with a word of hope so many people who oppressed by violence, have been forced to abandon their homes and their land.

Time and time again I have wished to give voice to the atrocious, inhuman and inexplicable persecutions of those, who in many parts of the world – and especially amongst Christians – are victims of fanaticism and intolerance, often under the eyes and in the silence of all. They are the martyrs of today, humiliated and discriminated against for their faith in the Gospel.

My words, which appeal for solidarity, are the sign of a Church that does not forget and that does not abandon her children who have been exiled on account of their faith: they must know that a daily prayer is raised for them, and that we are grateful for the witness they offer.

My thoughts also go to the Communities that have not looked away and are taking care of these brothers of ours. You proclaim the resurrection of Christ by sharing the pain and by giving help to hundreds of thousands of refugees. Bowing before the misery that risks stifling their hope, your fraternal service illuminates the dark moments of their existence.

May the Lord reward you as only He can, with an abundance of gifts.

And may world opinion be more attentive, sensitive and sympathetic before the persecutions carried out against Christians, and in general, against religious minorities.

I renew my hope that the international community will not assist in silence without taking action in the face of this unacceptable crime, a crime that constitutes an alarming drift from the most basic of human rights which prevents a rich cohabitation between peoples, cultures and faiths.   

Please, I ask you to pray for me.
May the Lord bless you and Our Lady protect you. 


(from Vatican Radio)

Pope: divorced and remarried people not excommunicated

2015-08-05 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis resumed his General Audiences on Wednesday, following the summer holiday. In his catechesis, the Holy Father continued his teaching on the family, reflecting on the situation of those who have divorced and entered into a second union.

Listen to Christopher Wells’ report:

“The Church knows well,” he said, “that such a situation contradicts the Christian Sacrament.” However, he continued, the Church, as a Mother, always seeks the good and salvation of all her children. The Pope said it is important for the Church to foster a true welcome for these families in our communities. The Church must always show her pastoral care for those in such situations, especially the children.

Pope Francis noted that the Church in recent decades has developed a greater awareness of the need to be welcoming toward the divorced and re-married. He emphasized that they are still part of the Church – they are not excommunicated, and should not be treated as such, but rather must be encouraged, with their families, to participate in the Church’s life: through prayer, listening to the Word of God, the Christian education of their children, and service to the poor. He pointed to the words of Pope Benedict XVI, who called for careful discernment and wise pastoral accompaniment, while recognizing that there are no “simple solutions” to the difficulties wounded families face.

via Pope: divorced and remarried people not excommunicated.

In America, only the rich can afford to write about poverty

In America, only the rich can afford to write about poverty



Dark side of the moon captured by Nasa satellite a million miles from Earth

Dark side of the moon captured by Nasa satellite a million miles from Earth



Hiroshima atomic bomb: a simple toll of a bell signals the moment 80,000 died

Hiroshima atomic bomb: a simple toll of a bell signals the moment 80,000 died



Hiroshima atomic bomb: a simple toll of a bell signals the moment 80,000 died

Hiroshima atomic bomb: a simple toll of a bell signals the moment 80,000 died



Cancer survival ‘lagging in England’

Cancer survival ‘lagging in England’



Ancient find baffles archaeologists

Ancient find baffles archaeologists



Operation Storm marked 20 years on

Operation Storm marked 20 years on