updating to Windows 10 – message: “internal power error” fix (for the grieving members at EUZICASA)

Windows 10 – internal power error

So after I updated my windows to windows 10, I’m getting a blue screen error saying ” Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.” My error is INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR ( In 4 retries my laptop reset once, other 3 I had to force shut down)

My laptop won’tt stay on for 5 min because Im getting this error constantly. 

I have no idea whats the problem so I dont know how to fix it.

From  KA:

replied on


Just managed to solve this problem. It seems that all problems are with drivers.

  • c. Boot -> Safe mode -> minimal -> OK -> Restart
  • b. msconfig
  • a. Windows + R
  • All you need is to:

    1. Login to safe mode:

  • 2. Uninstal drivers
  • a. Right click on My Computer
  • b. Devices
  • c. Uninstal Graphic and Network drivers – it can be one of them

Try to uninstal all possible drivers

  • d. Restart PC
  • 3. Return from safe mode
  • a. Windows + R
  • b. msconfig
  • c. Boot -> unclick Safe mode -> OK -> Restart

Enjoy – hope this will help you all.

thanks:   KA   KasparsZvergis


I will follow up to let you know if it worked! Bye for now – George-B.


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