How Americans in Europe are celebrating Thanksgiving

How Americans in Europe are celebrating Thanksgiving


7 responses to “How Americans in Europe are celebrating Thanksgiving

  1. Due to my odd working hours around this holiday my family was kind enough to postpone our Thanksgiving until today =).

    You have such a passionate love for classical music so you probably readily know this, I was watching the History Channel the other day and a fascinating thing about arguably the greatest in Beethoven came up! Much of his compositions are written with such fast tempos that today’s large orchestras simply cannot keep up and perform them as Beethoven had written them ….and so they’re performed at slower tempos. It was so fascinating to learn this and they even dug deeper seeking out his actual metronome to see if it could possibly had been off therefore explaining why he would compose so many of his pieces at impossible speeds. However his metronome didn’t prove to be the reason and they could only conclude that back in Beethoven’s time, the ensembles that would have typically performed his pieces would have been much much smaller than today’s really large orchestras and so it was much more feasible to achieve Beethoven’s impossibly high tempos that he regularly employed in his works. Just fascinating!! Also reminded me that I need to add much more Beethoven to my ipod =)! Any suggestions?

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    • I like the way you write (the story telling): Happy Thanksgiving!
      As far as Beethoven goes: All his symphonies, allhis piano sonatas, all his piano concerts, his violin concert, and all his camera compositions. If you want you can use the search engine at euzicasa, it should give you the few pieces that I have selected over the years, to start with… As far as my favorite… piano sonata No.24, Op. 78, in E flat major, Barenboim rendition: that sonata has always brought taer of joy in my eyes!
      Thank you so much for your kind request MorningBerriz. I hope you’ll find something.
      It was also very instructive to hear about the tempo used by Beethoven.
      For a choice for pianist I would go with Valentina Lisitsa: her rendition of the Moon Sonata is so excuisite that it makes feel like i hear it for the first time! 🙂


      • Moonlight Sonata…that is I caught a cold yesterday, while cycling (in fact I had to turn around -for the first time ever) so I’m kind of sick. I am so sorry for the omission. Could you ever forgive me? 🙂 Have a day after your liking ?


      • Thank you so much!~! I knew you’d be the perfect friend to ask, going music shopping later! And now you’ve given me a starting point ^^.

        Oh do please get better, keep warm and get lots of rest.

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      • I am… Sort of… I posted especially for you several Beethoven posts: Piano sonata nr.24, op 78 (Baremboim), the moonlight sonata eith the fabulous Valentina Lisitsa, and the triple concerto for piano, violin and cello. Just to start! I’m so happy that I could be of help!!! Foolow Lisitsa….She is among the best piano player of our times!
        Happy shopping!


      • You’ll let me how the aquisition of fine music went…right? 🙂


      • Thank you! I’m going to consume your Beethoven offerings before shopping and I’ll be sure to update you on the amazing new music I’ve acquired, many many thank you’s~♡!!

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