Dîncu nu mai vrea ca medicii să discute cu presa și anunță că Achimaș NU va fi remaniat

Peak guts reached today pesedistul Vasile Dancu, Deputy Romania does not seem to have heard of freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution and ECHR freedom they have, of course, and doctors.
“I do not think there will be reshuffle in next period, we went from one phase of work, implementation of projects and if that will not happen accidents, I think it will be this. I want to say that Mr. Patriciu Achimaş is a very good minister. Unfortunately , inherited this ministry and general medical life in Romania in a crisis that is very difficult to get around. the Ministry is almost empty, non-professional, because the salary is very poor in the ministry is impaired specialists ministry, but has done very good things in this period “, said Vasile Dancu, answering journalists’ questions concerning the possible reshuffle in the Ministry of Health. ” we have every confidence in making Achimaş Patriciu. Has many crises, it appears every week something new and it is very difficult to manage. I understand him very well, working with him very well, how can I support, Premier support him, do very many good things. It is a very good professional, “said Vasile Dancu. The deputy prime minister added that doctors should talk to the press by a spokesman. ” Of course sometimes the statements of a physician seem cynical and interpreted in a key tougher and I think doctors should be largely spokespersons when communicating with the media, because one is the vision of those who struggle daily with grief, their view of life, or language or sharpness phrases, and another she a specialist in communication, to round things who knows, knows not to create crises in words, “said Dancu.


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