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Alessandro Bonvicino (also Buonvicino) (c. 1498 – December 22, 1554), more commonly known as Il Moretto da Brescia, Italian Renaissance painter of Brescia and Venice.


Tobiolo e l’angelo coll. Privata.

Alessandro Bonvicino (also Buonvicino) (c. 1498 – December 22, 1554), more commonly known as Il Moretto da Brescia, was an Italian Renaissance painter of Brescia and Venice.

He was born at Rovato, in Brescian territory, and studied first under Fioravante Ferramola. Others state he trained with Vincenzo Foppa. His brothers Pietro and Jacopo were also painters. The 1911 Britannica claims he apprenticed with Titian in Venice and that Moretto modelled his earlier portrait-painting on the Venetian style. On the other hand, the style also resembles that of Giorgione or late Bellini. The 1911 Britannica also states that he conceived a great enthusiasm for Raphael, though he never traveled to Rome; on the other hand, his classical serenity resembles that shown by Leonardo and his followers in Lombardy such as Bramantino. He may have consulted with his contemporary Girolamo Savoldo.

Moretto excelled more in sedate altarpieces than in narrative action, and more in oil-painting than in fresco, although he painted fine frescoes depicting the lollygagging daughters of Count Martinengo in one of the palaces near Brescia. In 1521, he worked with Girolamo Romanino in the Cappella del Sacramento in the old cathedral of Brescia, where Moretto completed a Last Supper, Elijah in the Desert, and a Fall of Manna. He was active during 1522-24 in Padua.

e painted alongside Lorenzo Lotto at Santa Maria Maggiore in Brescia. Also in Brescia, he completed a Five Virgin Martyrs and his masterpiece, the Assumption of the Madonna for the church of San Clemente; a Coronation of the Madonna with four saints (c. 1525) for the church of Santi Nazaro e Celso; and a St. Joseph for Santa Maria della Grazie. Another charming work, with two small children depicted, is his canvas of St Nicholas of Bari presenting two children to Virgin (1539) originally painted for the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, but now in the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo. He collaborated with Floriano Ferramola in the decoration of the dome of the Cathedral in Brescia.

In the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna is a St Justina (once ascribed to Pordenone); in the Staedel Museum, Frankfort, the Madonna enthroned between Sts Anthony and Sebastian; in the Berlin Museum, a colossal Adoration of the Shepherds, and a large votive picture (one of the master’s best) of the “Madonna and Child,” with infant angels and other figures above the clouds, and below, amid a rich landscape, two priests; in the National Gallery, London, St Bernardin and other saints and two impressive portraits.

Throughout his career his works display an internal oscillation between the traditions of the Venetian and Central Italian schools. Simultaneously he looked at the form and colour of Venetian artists such as Titian and Palma Vecchio (1480–1528) whilst his classicising, sweet intensity earned him the name ‘Raphael of Brescia’. Though there is some uncertainty regarding his studio, he took on a number of pupils the most important of whom was the portraitist Giovanni Battista Moroni (c.1520-1578). He also influenced Callisto Piazza. Il Moretto is stated to have been a man of great personal piety, preparing himself by prayer and fasting for any great act of sacred art, such as the painting of the Virgin-mother. His dated works extend from 1524 to 1554.

Între Cer şi Pământ

Între Cer şi Pământ,
by GeorgeB
( the smudge and other poem page)

Între cer şi pământ
poți alege Cerul sau Pămâtul
Cerul dă speranță in viata de apoi, in vecii vecilor…
pământul certitudinea in viața asta, minut cu minut
E uşor să alegi între:
Cer si Pământ


The little thief of…flowers


Report: VA mistakenly classified 4,200 veterans as dead


More than 4,200 veterans were mistakenly declared dead and had benefits cut off by Veterans Affairs officials over a five-year span, according to new department data that shows the problem was much bigger than previously believed.

The issue came to light after a congressional inquiry in 2015 by Rep. David Jolly, R-Fla., who for the last few years has been tracking multiple constituents’ complaints about premature death notices.
After initially estimating the total veterans affected as around a dozen each month, VA released new information on the problem this week, pegging the mistakes as harming more than 70 veterans a month.
“These numbers confirm our suspicion, that mistaken deaths by the VA have been a widespread problem impacting thousands of veterans across the country,” Jolly said in a statement.

“It’s a problem that should have been addressed years ago, as it has caused needless hardships for thousands of people who had their benefits terminated and their world turned upside down.”
The issue stems from lingering errors in Social Security Administration’s record sharing with VA. When that department incorrectly listed a veteran as dead, VA policy was to cut off benefits immediately, doubling the frustration of victims looking to correct the record.

Vets’ benefits protected from incorrect death declarations

In 2015 alone, 1,025 veterans had their benefits terminated due to incorrect death classifications, only to have the department come back weeks or months later to fix the mistake.
Following congressional pressure, VA officials approved policy changes last December to mitigate the problem, giving individuals 30 days after a death notice is received to provide proof of a mistake.

The 4,200 premature death errors represent only about 0.2 percent of the total death benefit cut-offs VA handled from 2011 to 2015, but Jolly said each mistaken case can have long-term traumatic results for the victims.

Report: Military spouse unemployment could cost U.S. $1B

He is asking VA for an annual survey tracking the problem, to ensure their fixes are working.
“If the VA’s new policy is indeed working, this problem should be eliminated. If the problem persists, then Congress will demand further action,” he said.
“We simply cannot have men and women who have sacrificed for this country see their rightful benefits wrongfully terminated because the VA mistakenly declares them dead.”

Alexandru Paleologul: “Uniunea Europenă este o catastrofă.


“Uniunea Europenă este o catastrofă. Pare a fi un element ponderator contra influenţei excesive a americanilor. Dar ce, a fost inventată de europeni? Nu, domnule, tot de americani! Uniunea Europenă este anti-Europa însăşi! N-avem ce face. Probabil că n-avem încotro, că ni se pune sula-n coaste ca să fim şi în Uniunea Europeană. Nu era suficientă Europa, trebuia şi o Uniune Europeană! Uniune cu cine? Uniunea asta este negarea unei vizuni globaliste. Dacă trebuie să ne unim, înseamnă că suntem diferiţi. Şi atunci Europa nu poate fi un lucru reductibil la o arhitectură. Dar se dă, o dată în plus, prilejul de a se ţine discursuri stupide. Că, de la Churchil încoace, nu s-au mai ţinut discursuri deştepte. Nu ştiu ce anume ar putea să ne dea o oarecare indiferenţă necesară. Dar eu nu reuşesc să fiu indiferent. Nici un om care este cât de cât atent nu poate reuşi asta.”


Catania: the staircase to Santa Maria Del Monte


manto della Vergine: MICHEL.A[N]GELVS BONAROTVS FLORENT[INVS] FACIEBAT: La Pietà vaticana.San Peter’s Cathedral


La Pietà vaticana è una scultura marmorea (altezza 174 cm, larghezza 195 cm, profondità 69) di Michelangelo Buonarroti, databile al 1497-1499 e conservata nella basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano a Roma. Si tratta del primo, clamoroso, capolavoro dell’allora poco più che ventenne Michelangelo, considerata uno dei maggiori capolavori che l’arte occidentale abbia mai prodotto. È anche l’unica opera da lui firmata, sulla fascia a tracolla che regge il manto della Vergine: MICHEL.A[N]GELVS BONAROTVS FLORENT[INVS] FACIEBAT.

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US nuclear force ‘uses floppy disks’


Viorel Simionescu: O prispa inecata de glicine si zorele_Rucar langa Piua_2000


O prispa inecata de glicine si zorele_Rucar langa Piua_2000

Tips to keeping the ‘wild’ in wildlife: Fish and Wildlife Service


Fawns are often left alone for hours, but that does not mean they’re orphaned. Tips to keeping the ‘wild’ in wildlife: http://1.usa.gov/1EkH5AC

Special permission from photographer Justin Rogers to post this image.


Lakota Country Times: Human shield of prayer…


Lantern bugs…



The lantern bug can be up to 3 inch (nearly 8 cm) long from head to thorax. The long “beak” called a rostrum is used to suck the juice out flowers and fruits. Lantern bugs are called thus because of their bright usually contrasting colors. Photo by Lim Eng Hoo in Malaysia.



There are morr than 8,000 chemicals in the textile industry



Life Is Magical!