Erin Brockovich Law Firm Investigating Contaminated Water in Montgomery County | NBC 10 Philadelphia

O U T R A G E !!!  America 2016 and multiple communities across the nation are advised NOT TO DRINK THE WATER… WTF?

Well, here we ago again… I so hate the I told you so moments.

I have been fight for cleanup of PFOA and PFOS for years now. In early January I became activity involved with the drinking water contamination in Hoosick Falls, New York.

Finally after decades of denial, the USEPA released its health advisories May 25, 2016 for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS).

USEPA summarizes its assessment by observing: “PFOS accumulates to a high degree in humans and animals. It has an estimated half-life of 4 years in humans. It thus appears to combine Persistence, Bioaccumulation, and Toxicity properties to an extraordinary degree” (emphasis added).

PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acid, it is from DuPont’s Teflon
PFOS is perfluorooctane sulfonate, it is from 3M’s Scotch Guard

The lifetime health advisory for each compound is 0.07 μg/L. The advisory value is applicable to each compound individually or in combination. These values are substantially lower than the previously released provisional advisory levels of 0.2 and 0.4 μg/L respectively.

There are approximately 60 systems with observations above the health advisory values. EPA encourages systems with historical PFOA or PFOS observations above the advisory values to take additional samples to assess the level, scope and source of contamination to inform next steps. Systems with confirmed occurrence should contact their state primacy agencies.

We will soon be seeing hundreds of communities impacted.

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