NY Assemblyman calls for Hoosick Falls water crisis investigation



Start here… 3M Corporation (Scotch Guard) and DuPont (Teflon). 

Documents have revealed that for four decades, 3M and DuPont  conducted secret medical studies on PFOA, revealing potential health problems in rats and rabbits as early as 1961.

In the early 1970s, DuPont discovered its factory workers had high levels of PFOA in their blood, but they didn’t tell the USEPA about it.

In 1981, 3M found that ingestion of PFOA resulted in birth defects in rats, after which DuPont tested the children of pregnant employees in their Teflon division. Two of the seven children had eye defects.

DuPont again chose not to share the information publicly. In 1984, DuPont became aware that PFOA was present in the local water supply.

By 1991, a water districts had PFOA levels that were three times higher than DuPont’s own internally established safety limit for drinking water, set at one part per billion (ppb). Still the company kept quiet.

The blatant violation of law continues…

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