Francezii au ales liber să accepte terorismul – le respect decizia – Anonimus viața este aşa frumoasă fără terorişti #viațaesteaşadefrumoasăfărăterorişti


Andrei Popescu

„Francezii nu au coborât în stradă pentru a denunța islamul, islamizarea, degradarea securității, schimbarea societății și identității Franței, pentru că ei sunt toleranți, umaniști și primitori. Ei nu au coborât în stradă pentru a refuza invazia imigranților și a refugiaților infiltrați de luptătorii Statului Islamic. Presa a cerut mai multă toleranță, mai multă bună primire, mai multă înțelegere și i-a acuzat de rasism și islamofobie pe cei care refuzau schimbarea identitară și culturală a populației.
Ceea ce s-a întâmplat acum este consecința la tot ceea ce s-a întâmplat înainte. Ceea ce s-a întâmplat acum este prețul plătit pentru această politică și Francezii au declarat că au ales liberi această politică. Ei au ales riscul atentatelor. Este unic și admirabil că o țară preferă mai degrabă să se sacrifice decât să-i țină în închisoare pe teroriști. Să te sacrifici astfel pentru a rămâne un „teritoriu de primire”, indiferent care ar fi pericolele, dovedește un sentiment de renunțare exemplar…”
Andrei Popescu
129 dead and 350 wounded on Friday are the price paid for these elections to these decisions determination to show tolerance vis-vis the French jihadists, the salafiştii French, the French and the Muslim Brotherhood against Islam in France .

I have the greatest respect for the courage of Prime Minister: he chose to expose fellow terrorist threats, not to intimidate the Muslim population and not to hunt mercilessly radicals in his country, and had the courage to tell them that Frenchmen . Who had the courage to accept! Press, who had the courage to applaud great humanism to disadvantaged minorities.

The French government was democratically elected, the French living in democracy, they have the freedom to express themselves, to choose, to express dissatisfaction or disagreement, and the French know better than anyone go down the street when I disagree with something.

The French have not descended to the streets to denounce Islam, Islamization, security degradation, changing society and identity of France, because they are tolerant, humanistic and welcoming.

They went down the street to reject immigrants and refugees invasion fighters infiltrated the Islamic State. Sorry, 700 people answered the call addressed to retaliate Laique site.

The press itself, which states that meet the highest rules of ethics of journalism, he never protested, he never expressed the slightest reservation on the decision of the French government and the French immigration, refugee reception, tolerance to adapting to the demands of Muslims, except when asked for more tolerance, more good reception, more understanding and accused of racism and Islamophobia those who refused to population change and cultural identity.

What has happened now is the consequence of everything that happened before. What has happened now is the price paid for the policy and said they had chosen French free policy.

They chose the risk of attacks, which are becoming more numerous, not favoring the amalgamation, to not blame a community more than another. I respect their choice.

And had more attacks this year than last year. Statements by the President, the political class, the media shows that France has decided, despite these attacks, not to appoint and much less to fight the roots of this violence: they are all radicals, all offenders, all threatening … and all are free ! It is unique and admirable that a country would rather sacrifice than to keep them in prison for terrorists.

They decided to let the other radical Muslims supervised free to go and come, to arm themselves and, why not ?, to prepare other attacks. And have other attacks!

Who am I to criticize the choice of Frenchmen?

To sacrifice so to remain a “reception area”, whatever the dangers, it proves a sense of renunciation copy.

Respect life choice made by the French. I respect the decision to waive his own civilization, their roots, their identity, their culture, to adapt to the other civilizations.

I respect their decision “to become accustomed to live long under the threat of attacks.” They live it.

Yesterday, Israeli citizens rallied in support of the French. Thousands of people gathered in the square and sang Marseieza Rubin. French media never sent anyone in this touching symbol of solidarity. You will say they have not shown nor Palestinians who have been happy after the massacre.

Jean-Patrick Grumberg

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls reiterates its beliefs on July 15, 2016, after the bombing of Nice:

“Terrorism is a threat that weighs heavily on France and will continue to press for a long time”

“We want to tell the French people: we will not give in to the terrorist threat. But times changed and will have to live with the terrorist threat “

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