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The 2017 Desertscapes Calendar will ship out in October


The 2017 Desertscapes Calendar will ship out in October. I’m on the final stretch of taking reservation orders. Each copy is autographed and hand numbered. Containing photographs from Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Trona Pinnacles, Inyo Mountains, and Amargosa River Canyon.

Order your copy today: http://store.deathvalleyjim.com/shop/index.php/product/2017-desertscapes-calendar/

Today’s Holiday: Pine Battle of Vinuesa

Today’s Holiday:
Pine Battle of Vinuesa

The Pine Battle or Pinochada of Vinuesa in the province of Soria, Spain, takes place where King Juan I located his main residence in the 14th century. On August 16, the final day of the festival, there is a ceremonial mock battle in which the women of Vinuesa attack the men with pine branches. Centuries ago, when an image of the Virgin was found between two pine trees near the boundary between Vinuesa and Covaleda, a quarrel broke out over who would keep the image. The women tore branches from the pine trees and used them to strike their opponents, thus winning the battle for Vinuesa.

Today’s Birthday: Christian Mortensen (1882)

Today’s Birthday:
Christian Mortensen (1882)

When Mortensen died at the age of 115 years and 252 days, he was the oldest man who had ever lived whose age is undisputed. Mortensen was born in Denmark in 1882 and immigrated to the US in 1903. He worked in various trades until he retired in 1950. Twenty-eight years later, at the age of 96, he reportedly rode his bicycle to a retirement home in San Rafael, California, where he lived for the rest of his life. What advice for living a long life did Mortensen give on his 115th birthday?: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

This Day in History: Joseph Kittinger

This Day in History:
Joseph Kittinger

Parachutes from a Balloon at 102,800 feet (31,300 m) (1960)
Kittinger is a former command pilot and career military officer in the US Air Force known for setting a number of records, including highest parachute jump and fastest speed reached by a human traveling through the atmosphere. In 1960, as part of the Air Force’s Project Excelsior, he jumped from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth and fell for 4 minutes and 36 seconds before opening his parachute. In 2012, 84-year-old Kittinger participated in what historic event?

Quote of the Day: Francis Bacon

Quote of the Day:
Francis Bacon

He that hath a satirical vein, as he maketh others afraid of his wit, so he had need be afraid of others’ memory.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Article of the Day: Pub Quiz

Article of the Day:
Pub Quiz

Largely a British phenomenon that spread to other nations after peaking in the early 1990s, pub quizzes are popular trivia games that take place in pubs around the world. Though participants often have to pay to play, pubs sometimes host free games in order to increase attendance and revenue on less busy nights. In this team game, players work together to win prizes that often include drinks, cash, or vouchers for pub fare. How are pub owners combating the recent spate of high-tech cheating?: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Word of the Day: erratum

Word of the Day:

Definition: (noun) An error in printing or writing, especially such an error noted in a list of corrections and bound into a book.
Synonyms: misprint, typo, literal error
Usage: Subsequent printings of the book contained an index of the errata that had been noted since the first printing.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch