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French Alps, France

French Alps, France

Chief Red Cloud. Oglala Lakota. South Dakota.1898. Photo by J.H. Bratley.

Chief Red Cloud. Oglala Lakota. South Dakota.1898. Photo by J.H. Bratley.

A Native American couple on the steps of the White House. Photo by Harris & Ewing, 1921-1923.

A Native American couple on the steps of the White House. Photo by Harris & Ewing, 1921-1923.

Hard work affords…

Hard work affords…

Home of the river Crows along the banks of the Little Bighorn River

Home of the river Crows along the banks of the Little Bighorn River in the Blacklodge district of the Crow Reservation, Montana. 1911. Photo by Richard Throssel.



Tradiţii în Ţara Făgăraşului: nuntă tradițională la Drăguș

Tradiţii în Ţara Făgăraşului: nuntă tradițională la Drăguș

Poarta de intrare si clopotnita _ Mânătirea Cocos _ Niculitel_1998

Poarta de intrare si clopotnita _ Mânătirea Cocos _ Niculitel_1998

Acoperământul Maicii Domnului. Ziua în care rugăciunile fac minuni – Făgărașul Tău

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Theotokos. Day prayers miracles

AcoperamantulFollowing a tradition of over 1,000 years, on October 1, it is honest “Theotokos”, one of the feasts in honor of the Virgin Mother of God. On this day it is said that the prayers of the Mother of God miracles. The traditional calendar is the Feast of St. Procoavă or Hair. 

Feast of the Mother of God was established in memory of the miracle that took place in the Monastery Church “Holy Mother of God” in Vlaherne – Constantinople during the Byzantine Emperor Leo Wise. It was in the year 911 and became vigil in Blachernae Church – Constantinople, because the city was besieged write mytex.ro. 
One night from Saturday to Sunday, while officiating Vigil Mass and the faithful were praying in the morning (January October), St. Andrew “fool for Christ” and his disciple Epiphany saw the Holy Virgin shining light, having itself near the St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, standing between other saints and angels. The two heard the Virgin Mary praying Christ to people and saw her carrying Acoperământul above all the faithful of the church. In her prayer, the Virgin Mary asked the Savior to listen to the requests of all those who honor and protect them. 
In the church calendar of all denominations Historical next holiday dedicated to the Theotokos is the Presentation of Mary, celebrated on November 21. 
All today, the Church commemorates the Apostle Ananias, bishop of Damascus, and the Saint Pious Roman song. Mark of Ephesus said that Our Lady appeared to him Pious Roman song, sleep, and entrusting a scroll, revealed the first condac composed by him in honor of Our Lady, the Holy Roman was, in fact, one of the largest Christian Church hymnal. Today saints are commemorated and Romanian, Joseph Chiriac from Bisericani.

Coatings worshiper prayer: “our mother the good lady Mother of God covers us with your worshiper coatings, deliver us from all evil and pray Thy Son and our God to save our souls. Amen!”

“Saint” pall kept by marriageable girls to have beautiful hair

On October 1 marks the beginning of winter and the first snow falls in some places. Girls keep very strictly feast (at least so says ethnographer Tudor Pamfile the early twentieth century) in order to cover their head with abundance of hair and to help them to marry well and carry basmaua the married woman. 
Her first day Brumărel’s month (October) was devoted to the old days, a saint is not found only in the collective imagination, it’s “Saint” Procoavă. The connection between the Christian and traditional feast is the fact that the roof / or head covering called pocriş pall. 
In fact, almost everywhere in the Romanian Procoavelor feast was considered one of the women. About the original holy Procoavă thought that God sanctified among the first, giving him the task of … cover the earth with a first layer of snow;that is why virgins who lacked hair worshiped with great reverence on his birthday to you … cover your head with hair, becoming, according to their faith, pleasant young men who usually do not cause their scarcely ignored! Unspoken hope was that these girls are given in marriage so soon, that will basmaua wife, now understanding better why the girls waited eagerly on “Saint” Procoavă!

Because the essence of traditional holiday today lies in prayers girls to have a rich and beautiful hair, remember still how he perceived the hair, especially that of women, archaic communities. There was always a great care for hair care springing from the conviction that man once his whole power is in the hair on the head or of the beard.Thus, it is believed that hair remains about the body even after being cut, hence the categorical prohibition of throwing hair, it must necessarily be burned; a cause of this prohibition came from the fact that a witch could have done more harm with her on a few strands of hair to someone.On the other hand, hair care and it was apparent from its similarity with grass reckoned the Earth kind of hair. 
Socially, long hair was a sign of power, signifying cutting to sacrifice or surrender.Little girls hair when trimming the first time, was put in a dung or root of a tree, believing that doing so will increase the long and beautiful. Girls who wanted to grow hair faster using the shampoo hemp and walnut leaves stolen; those who wanted to grow hair long as needed to anoint with lard hedgehog, while, to not lose their hair, girls did not have to put on the hat or eat disheveled boy.


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