Video: Fires burn at Calais ‘Jungle’ as evacuation enters third day

Video: Fires burn at Calais ‘Jungle’ as evacuation enters third day

Several fires burned inside the Calais ‘Jungle’ Tuesday evening one day after French authorities began a major operation to relocate migrants and demolish the notorious shantytown.

More than 30 fires had been contained by early morning Wednesday, though some continued to smoulder. One person was taken to hospital with a minor injury.

The fires broke out near the entrance of the camp in an area that had once housed restaurants frequented by migrants. AFP reported that two gas canisters exploded in the vicinity, triggering other blazes.

A spokesman for local authorities in Calais told France 24 correspondent Catherine Norris-Trent that these fires are believed to be a ‘tradition’ among some communities who set fire to their tents before moving on.

“One theory from the authorities in the area is that this was a last act of despair, perhaps by the Afghan community who lived in this part of the ‘Jungle’,” Catherine Norris-Trent said.

Calais Police Commissioner Patrick Visser-Bourdon said an estimated 150 to 200 migrants were brought to safety as firefighters fought the blazes.

The cause of the fires is still being investigated.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

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