France 24 : Louvre attack: suspect believed to be 29 year old Egyptian

Louvre attack: suspect believed to be 29 year old Egyptian

The suspect in the machete attack near the Louvre entered France from Dubai on an Egyptian visa, according to sources close to the investigation. Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said investigators were treating the incident as a “terrorist act”.

  • A French soldier shot and critically wounded a man armed with a machete in each hand as he tried to enter the Carrousel du Louvre shopping centre at the Louvre Museum in Paris at around 9.50am local time. The man shouted “Allahu Akbar” (or “God is greatest”) as he charged a group of four soldiers guarding the premises.
  • Paris Prosecutor François Molins did not officially name the suspect, but said an initial investigation confirmed he is a 29-year-old Egyptian national. The man is believed to have arrived in the French capital on a month-long visa from Dubai on January 26.
  • An investigation has been opened into the attack, which is being treated by authorities as a “terrorist act”. Police are working to establish if the man acted alone or under orders.
  • The four soldiers targeted in the incident were a part of Opération Sentinelle – a nationwide security oeration aimed at “protecting against and dissuading” attacks on French soil.

To follow the day’s events as they unfolded, see our live blog below. To view content on a mobile device, click here.

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