Not letting go of you, by GeorgeB( the smudge and other poems)

Not letting go of you, by GeorgeB

( the smudge and other poems)
God only knows why:

I have been lost to you, while

You were never lost to me-


I am still in love with 

The softness of your step,

 of your breath,

 of your skin-

in all the places where the skin plies-and

The  light softness of your being, and

The softness with which you speak…

The lightness of your footprint,

As if you were flying, or walk on water…

Yes, I know, I’ve been sinning,

When worshiping you,  as if you were a God, when, in fact you were but

His gift, 

to me…

But worshiping a gift sounds like so puerile, an empty effort…

So now, while still in love with you, I’m letting you free…and I have decided to love only the memory of those things that made me fall in love with you:

Your lightness and your rain, and your blue skies, and your clouds, and your beautiful big blue eyes, in tears…

Here, use my handkerchief and,

keep it… 


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